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Heisei 28 years 3 month regular meeting general questions

Published 2016 years 03 month 01 Date

March 4, the questioner of the general questions that are carried out in the (gold) will inform the approximate time to remark the order. 

(Remark order)
● 9: 00 ~ 10: 00 

 Representative Kimiaki Morita
   (XNUMX) About structural reform of the town
   (XNUMX) About special products of Nagawa Town
● 10: 10 ~ 11: 10

 Representative Megumi Harada
   (XNUMX) Regarding the establishment of a scholarship loan system for medical students (Part XNUMX)
   (XNUMX) Management status and audit of Promotion Corporation
   (XNUMX) About application for additional designation to the national historic site of Nakasendo
   (XNUMX) Management of the townsman gymnasium and Furumachi branch

● 11: 20 ~ 12: 20 

 Representative Tsubasa Miyashita
   (XNUMX) About the financial situation of the tourist facility business and the management work of the scholarly village villa area

● 13: 20 ~ 14: 20

 Representative Akifumi Kurihara
   (XNUMX) Specific proposals for measures against child poverty
   (XNUMX) Collection and management of various publications in the town regarding war   

 (XNUMX) Appointment of the president of the promotion public corporation

● 14: 30 ~ 15: 00 

 Seiji Miyazawa
   (XNUMX) Efforts to register the "Obsidian Ruins and Jomon Culture" as a World Heritage Site
   (XNUMX) Measures for vacant houses, especially the status of efforts for vacant houses that may collapse
   (XNUMX) About "vacant house bank" which is emigration and settlement policy

 ★ For the time, it will be changed by the length of each member of question time.

Simply fill in the name and address, you can is the opening and closing date, the general question to sit in at any time.
By all means, please go out to the floor.