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Heisei 28 years 3 month regular meeting general questions

Published 2016 years 03 month 01 Date

March 4, the questioner of the general questions that are carried out in the (gold) will inform the approximate time to remark the order.

(Remark order)
● 9: 00 ~ 10: 00

Morita New Komeito lawmakers
(1) the mechanism reform of the town
(2) For NAGAWA of specialty products
● 10: 10 ~ 11: 10

Harada Megumi召 lawmakers
(1) medical students, etc. for the creation of a scholarship loan system (Part 2)
(2) for the audit and management situation of the Development Corporation
(3) For additional information about the specified application to the country historic sites of Nakasendo
(4) for the management of the town gymnasium and Furumachi Branch

● 11: 20 ~ 12: 20

Tsubasa Miyashita lawmaker
(1) For management business, etc. of goods situation and scholars village villa tourist facility business

● 13: 20 ~ 14: 20

Kurihara Akatsukishi lawmakers
(1) concrete proposals of the children of poverty measures
(2) for the collection and management of such town various publications on war

(3) For the president election of the Development Corporation

● 14: 30 ~ 15: 00

Seiji Miyazawa Congressman
(1) efforts to the world heritage of the registration of the "black 耀石 ruins and the Jomon culture."
(2) vacant house measures, for the vacant house of efforts that are especially at risk of collapse, etc.
(3) it is an immigration-settlement measures for the "unoccupied house bank"

★ For the time, it will be changed by the length of each member of question time.

Simply fill in the name and address, you can is the opening and closing date, the general question to sit in at any time.
By all means, please go out to the floor.

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