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28 years 3 month regular meeting, the mayor proposed reasons explained its 2

Published 2016 years 06 month 28 Date

We are in for the bill the first 22 No. Heisei 28 year NAGAWA general account budget.

[Heisei28The basic policy of the year budgeting]

First, let me describe the fiscal 28 year budgeting of the basic policy.

In the country, in the "basic policy 6 of Economic and Fiscal Management and Reform," which was approved by the Cabinet last year 30 month 2015 date, the want to carrying out the "economic and financial integrated reform", "no fiscal consolidation on economic revival comb" as a basic policy, we have formulated the "economic and financial recovery plan" that target period 28 year of Heisei 32 year from fiscal 5 year. In this, the age out reform, "over spending in general, promote the sanctuary without thorough review," but you have been with, together, "in the region also advances the thorough review together the country's efforts and the keynote." has been with, it is expected to be faced with severe fiscal management even in the rural areas.

In addition, with regard to local Revitalization, it is made to Cabinet decision "town, people, job creation basic policy 2015" to last year 6 month 30 date, "Ensuring growth potential" and "overcoming the declining population problem" over the future the aim, by further expanding and strengthening the policy package that has been incorporated into the overall strategy of the country, we have set to work on "deepening of the local creation".

With regard to local finances, general revenue total the fiscal 27 fiscal initially has secured the 0.1 trillion yen more than 61.7 trillion yen from the budget. In addition, founded the expenses related to the priority issues corresponding amount, we recorded an expense like to work on the elderly assistance and local government information system reform is a priority issue of the region.

In addition, the fiscal 27 was founded in the year, regarding the town, people, job creation costs, in addition to has secured 27 trillion yen, the same as fiscal 1 year, according to the promotion for aging measures for public facilities expenses have also been increased.

In terms of the soundness of local finance, since local taxes are expected to increase significantly and to recover to the level before the Lehman shock, in order to promote switching to normal mode, strengthen regional economic foundations and Deduction of special expenditure frame related to employment countermeasure expenses, addition of separate allocation tax is also abolished. However, as for these reductions, it is a reduction in securing total expenditure and allocation tax to respond to regional priority issues, respectively, so it is practically the same level as Heisei 27 year Has become.

In such a situation, we are therefore recommended that customers contact budget of the town for the fiscal 28 year, Heisei 27 continue to year, my there in 3-life eyes of commitment "Nagawa Next Vision [model-dependent character]" listed was 10 items various by the implementation of the office work business on key measures in order to realize "take over the rich nature, history, culture, creation of NAGAWA continue to shine", the keywords "people are healthy, the town is also healthy", "Genki I was allowed to the aim was budget the NAGAWA !! "leaving is.

Regarding the contents of "Changwa-machi population vision", which was formulated last year in the 12 month, "Nagato-machi Town, Hito-Shigoto creative comprehensive strategy", "Regional creation grants of the country" Although there seems to be many restrictions, in order to make budget for business that can be budgeted in the Heisei 28 year, concreteize the project and make the town a big leap forward, it is possible to promptly and appropriately We will continue to make progress while responding.

[Heisei28Year budget outline]

○ General account budget

With regard to the initial budget for the fiscal year 28, general accounting 57 billion 3 million yen, the sum is 9 billion 29 yen of special accounting 4631 accounting, in the total amount becoming 86 billion 7631 million.

Regarding the general account, a reduction of when you compared to the fiscal 27 initial budget for fiscal amount 5 billion 3000 million and became the reduction of 8.5% in the rate. Special account will be compared to the FY 27 initial budget for fiscal amount and 1 billion 7856 yen increase in, making it a 6.5% increase of the rate.

First, we will describe the contents of the general account original budget.

Toshimashite budget pertaining to the matters that I have pledged, in the first in the relationship of "the enactment of the Basic Resident autonomy ordinance", such as in the field of regulations review committee, which was launched in March 26 year, the preparations for the enactment of the ordinance we have advanced, but for you to further deepen the understanding of the residents autonomy basics regulations to everyone of residents, will be a plan to perform the holding, etc. of the workshop as a forum for the exchange of opinions and the like.

With regard to the "measures to halt the decline of the population", in order to make effective use of the vacant house, we have carried out the construction of a system in Heisei 27 year, in addition to strengthen the functions of the vacant house information system, vacant house utilization organizations expenses relating to subsidies for also we have been budgeted. In addition, the fiscal 26 began from year, also performed continue for auxiliary for marriage promotion business such as matchmaking events that the town of organizations do, we will continue to promote the marriage activities.

In the context of "child care support", by promoting the further improvement of child care support center, which was opened in March 26 year, for child-rearing generation of everyone, we will continue to promote measures such as a better facility.

In addition, the Nagato nursery, performs maintenance such as playground pool parking lot, we would like to continue to so as to be better nursery school for everyone of kindergarten children.

In addition, it carried out from conventional 18 under the age of medical expenses charge-free, we will implement continue for the high school school expenses subsidies.

In the "town planning utilizing tourism resources", it will perform trail running and whiskey festival, held, etc. of time plus, an auxiliary of the events held to implementing bodies to become town tourism association of various events.

In addition, recorded a Blanche alpine ski area designated management fee, etc., we will strive to "the promotion of tourism by taking advantage of the natural hot springs, ski resort".

In addition, in order to promote the conservation and maintenance of the No. 1 mining ruins that triggered the discovery of black 耀石 mining ruins, than fiscal 28 year, embarked on a historic site star shit Pass black 耀石 Origin ruins maintenance business, black耀石 will continue to promote the town development by.

In the "measures to perk the town of industry", stated the budget according to the Blanche alpine ski, etc., the budget and the like according to the hot spring facility renovation, we will strive to stable management of NAGAWA Development Corporation.

Also, an auxiliary for a home renovation "house comfortable promotion furtherance business", will continue to implement the "Regional lively ticket business". In addition to this, Egomaabura, as equipment maintenance of order to achieve the commercialization of sunflower oil, Heisei 28 year to buy oil press, in addition to promote the development of new specialty products, integration of processing and sale of agricultural production and, as efforts to 6 following industrialization to promote the creation of new industries that utilize local resources, we will continue to implement continued business utilizing 6 following industry network promotion business of the prefecture.

In the "living underdog-friendly town development", we will continue to implement measures that everyone of the elderly can live with peace of mind. We carried out in cooperation with the Social Welfare Council, "the elderly support business", "friendly home improvement promotion business to the elderly" to improve the living environment of the elderly, continue to like "meal delivery service business." we will implement.

In the "promotion of enhancement and administrative reform of administrative services", but new building will have not passed about half a month to open agency, we would like continue to provide a more substantial administrative services to your residents you.

In addition, with regard to personnel evaluation system, it will start operating from this 4 month. With regard to personnel evaluation, because we will implement and use the system, we have been budgeted expenses related to support commissioned for the luck of the system. Personnel evaluation system is we would like to continue to strive to lead to the improvement of quality of staff.

"Peace of mind enhancement of the medical system to be able to live", "I want to live, charming town development you want to continue to live" in the relationship, contributions in accordance with the operating expenses of the order to enhance Yoda recess hospitals and Yoda recess health center for the elderly, Ueda holiday-night medical system be implemented as a business related to regional interjurisdictional and Ueda regional autonomous settlement zones concept, weekday late-night home on-duty doctor, the contributions of the engagement Ru expenses in pediatric emergency centers, etc. budgeted, to enhance the medical system it will work.

Examples of the "attractive town development", in terms of town planning that utilize natural energy, we will continue to implement the assistance in accordance with the residential solar power generation system installed.

In addition, in order to promote strong town development for disaster, but we began in earnest the voluntary disaster prevention organization development than fiscal 26 year, Heisei 28 year also continued, we have formed a voluntary disaster prevention organization to local residents, for the necessary supplies, such as in their voluntary disaster prevention organization, we will perform the purchase and subsidies.

In addition to this, as an information transmission means in the event of a disaster, expenses related to the introduction of the can check the emergency information and disaster information in a smart phone such as "emergency and disaster information app broadcasting" was also will be budgeted.

In the "development of educational environment that students can learn in peace", lecturer by the town costs to elementary and junior high schools, by placing the hearts of counselors and school counselors, etc., make the fine education to students, local treasure children will continue to develop to create an environment for going healthily growing up is.

In addition, with regard to Wada Junior High School, March 29 for than integration with Yoda recess southern junior high school year, in addition to the expenses related to the integration, we have the expenses relating to the closed down of expenses and Wada Junior High School in accordance with the exchange of both junior high school is budgeted.

In addition, although there are also those that overlap with the business according to the pledge, Toshimashite budget related to the local creation, "vacant house take advantage of immigration promotion business", "concept project in which the art and theme", in cooperation with the "Tokyo Aggie specialty goods development project "," specialty products development team set up business "," campaign Corps installation business ", we were allowed to budget recorded such as" specialty products satellite booth business ".

Or more, in the expenditure for the fiscal 28 year general account original budget, but I was going to base predicates the major business and local creation-related businesses of 10 items that were listed in the pledge, according to another of the office work business budget also with regard to, so are those that can not be essential to the improvement of services to residents, thank you.

Then, we will describe the main thing of the revenue.

With regard to town tax, it was expected to 1.6 billion 7 ten thousand 763 thousand yen, an increase of 9% from the previous year. With regard to townsman tax, corporate tax and property tax, but was expected to almost the same amount as the previous year, with regard to the light vehicle tax, because it is raising the tax rate from 4 month, compared with the previous year, strong growth and 39.8% It has become a.

With regard to the local allocation tax, it was expected to 0.9 billion 25 yen, an increase of 3200% from the previous year. The breakdown is usually grant tax 23 billion 3400 million and a special allocation tax is 1 billion 9800 million.

With regard to Hiroshi through allocation tax, reduction of 2600 thousand yen from the previous fiscal year, it was made to 1.2% decrease in the rate. Than fiscal 28 year, concerning the calculation of ordinary allocation tax, the migration will begin to one calculation because the exchange merger calculation of until now. Regarding the fiscal 28 year, 1 percentage of the difference between the calculated amount and the calculation amount by a single calculation by exchange merger calculation will be reduced. For this reason, with regard to the normal allocation tax for the fiscal year 28, we were allowed to the reduction.

On the other hand, the special allocation tax increase of yen 4800, was an increase of 32.0% in the rate. This is due to the fact that expenses and the like according to such comprehensive management planning economic development projects in the area Cooperation Volunteers and fixed assets ledger maintenance and public facilities, is funding measures by a special allocation tax.

With regard to the Fund money transferred, the money transferred 5 billion 6000 yen from the "financial adjustment fund", Money Transferred 5500 yen from the "public facility development fund", was recorded a provision for payment 6000 yen and the like from the "hometown creation fund" I was. With regard to financial adjustment fund, from the previous year, 2 billion 1000 yen rose, with regard to public facility development fund money transferred, such as by new building construction has been completed, reduction of 3 billion 3900 yen from the previous year, hometown creation fund with regard to the money transferred, making it equal to the previous year.

Machisai was expected 2 billion 8150 yen the depopulation measures industrial bonds in accordance with the road improvements Relations and cultural property facilities and sewage treatment facilities, Nagato small water-supply improvement and ski area facilities and software businesses. In the ski resort facilities related to the addition of depopulation measures industrial bonds, we expect even public enterprises bonds 850 million.

"Merger special bonds" is expected to 1 billion 1860 yen in the new building-related road improvements and nursery school parking lot, etc. maintenance business relationship, as town bonds in accordance with the fire loading car purchase, then recorded a emergency disaster prevention and Mitigation corporate bonds 650 yen I was.

In addition, we expect 1 billion 6300 yen the extraordinary financial countermeasures bonds to be issued as a transfer worth of local allocation tax.

○ special account budget

Next, the special account from the bill the first 23 No. Heisei 28 year NAGAWA National Health Insurance special accounts until the bill first 32 No. Heisei 28 year NAGAWA Wada financial ward special accounts budget, we will be explained.

It is the first in the "National Health Insurance special accounts," but, initially budget has become a 900 billion 8 yen of 6500 thousand yen reduced in comparison with the previous fiscal year.

With regard to revenue, national health insurance tax, but fiscal adjustment grant of county subsidies has become a increase, medical benefits grants, joint project grants, etc. has become a reduction.

With regard to expenditure, the general insured medical benefit costs, but joint venture contributions has become the increase, the late elderly support funds, long-term care payment, etc. is becoming reduced.

Regarding "National Health Insurance dental clinic business special accounts" includes, but is there in the accounting according to the medical fee, we were allowed to the budget of 100 thousand yen to be a reduction of 2000 thousand yen from the previous fiscal year.

With regard to the "old-old medical care special accounts", the budget was going to recorded 8000 ten thousand, and the previous year and the same amount of budget.

With regard to the "long-term care insurance special accounts" is, I was allowed to the 4500 billion 9 yen budget of 7200 thousand yen increase from the previous year.

In revenue, insurance premiums, but national and prefectural contributions of in accordance with the long-term care benefit costs are expected to increase, the adjustment grant of state subsidies has become a significant reduction.

In the expenditure, home care service benefit costs has become a significant increase. This was what I am allowed to budgeted from actual results expected for the fiscal year 26 and fiscal 27 year of benefit costs.

With regard to the "Dowa district residential new construction funds loan special account" is, fiscal 28 year budget is a yen 101, it becomes a reduction of 24 thousand yen from the previous fiscal year.

Reduction of the loan principal and interest income has become a major cause of the reduction.

With regard to the "water special account" is, fiscal 28 year budget is a 4 billion 2600 yen, making it the increase of 1 billion 6000 yen from the previous fiscal year.

Heisei is an increase by Nagato small water-supply improvement projects implemented from 27 year in 28 year of Heisei 2 year, in revenue, state subsidies, money transferred and towns bonds from the general account, and increase the construction costs related in spending it now has.

With regard to "specific environmental protection public sewer business accounting" is, fiscal 28 year budget is a 4 billion 2900 yen, making it the reduction of 1800 thousand yen from the previous fiscal year.

This is because, in the fiscal 27 year budget, but the budget related to the human waste treatment facilities were we have been recorded at this accounting, in the fiscal 28 year budget, is due to the fact that I was allowed recorded in the general accounting.

In addition, although the current of the sewer project is a public company method is not applicable business, so we plan to migrate to the corporate accounting of the law applicable, we will complete the fixed asset ledger maintenance than fiscal 28 year.

With regard to the "easy easy drainage facilities special accounts", 20 yen decline in 1130 yen from the previous fiscal year, with regard to the "tourist facilities business special accounts", 200 billion 1 yen of 4200 thousand yen increase from the previous year, "Wada property Gu with regard to the special account "is a budget of ten thousand 2 7 thousand yen increase of 280 thousand yen from the previous fiscal year, we have recorded almost the same amount of budget.

Although I was I would like to budget overview of the general account and special accounts, fiscal 28 year, has elapsed after the merger 10 year, also, will be the new start of the year, also new building was completed.

Based on the fundamental strengths that have been accumulated up to now, still further, we would like to be NAGAWA is further shine continued year of a further step to evolve as NAGAWA now.

Heisei 28 year the start of a single calculation of the local allocation tax, implementation of the local creation-related businesses, and is scheduled to be re-raising such as the consumption tax rate and more fiscal 29 year, the town will celebrate a major turning point. While accurately grasp the trend of the times, all the staff are united, we need to promote the town government.

For everyone of the residents, along with the go strive to be the town government is the most familiar presence, shows the way to the hope of the residents, we believe it to have it above all necessary to play a role for to be able to live in peace.

By doing so, step by step to the realization of "uplifting town !! NAGAWA", we are confident that the steadily advancing.

[Supplementary budget outline]

And continued, will be a supplementary budget-related bill, bill No. 33 No. Heisei 27 year NAGAWA general account supplementary budget bill from (No. 4) No. 42 No. Heisei 27 year NAGAWA tourist facilities business special accounts revised budget (the first regarding the main thing of the supplementary budget of up to No. 2), we would like an explanation.

First of all, I will explain the general account correction budget.

Toshimashite now times of the supplementary budget of the main thing, first, in the expenditure, Toshimashite business according to the country of the supplementary budget for the fiscal year 27, I was fired had not recorded a "network Toughening business". This business is a business of the order to fundamentally strengthen the town of information security measures, financial resources we have been allocated the general auxiliary facility development such as corporate bonds as government subsidies and city bonds.

In addition, Toshimashite fund reserve, we have recorded a reserve to the hometown creation fund. This is, fiscal 27 year from 3 year, but we supposed to be going to spending the designated management fees to the Blanche alpine ski resort, located in the fund reserve to ensure the financial resources of the designated management fee of this 3 year.

In addition to this, regarding Nagano prefectural assembly election, because the election will be Mutohyo has not been enforced, we have recorded a supplementary budget to reduce most of the expenses that had been budgeted.

In addition, as a pay-off money to the special account, it is to National Health Insurance special accounts, feeding gold foundation stability contributions worth the like according to the mitigation of the national health insurance tax, is to nursing care insurance special accounts, with an increase in long-term care payment costs a supplementary budget of feeding money we have recorded.

With regard to the supplementary budget of the other expenditures, organize count already associated with the liquidation of the business have been completed, we have a correction due to the liquidation prospects such as operating expenses become the main thing.

Then, we will explain the main thing about the revenue.

There is the first in the local allocation tax, but, along with the establishment of the country for the fiscal 27 year supplementary budget, at the time of the original calculation of the ordinary allocation tax, the revival of the reduction has been adjustments from the reference financial needs have been made. For this reason, usually issued tax has become the increase.

In addition, the property income, supplementary budget in accordance with the interest of each fund, in the relationship of the money transferred, along with the abolition of Nagato ranch Promotion Fund Ordinance, will be recorded a supplementary budget that Kuriireru a fund which has been funded in full, with generally accepted accounting year.

In the entire general accounting, is intended to give me the increase correction of 3925 ten thousand 8 thousand yen, the total amount after the correction, it is 66 billion 1732 ten thousand 7 thousand yen.

In addition, Toshimashite carry-over business to the fiscal year 28,Kitafuruya(KitaKiya)Fujimi(Fujimi)town(Butterfly)Line andFour nights(Good stops)7 Line road improvement business, we ask you to 3 business of road facilities periodic inspection outsourcing.

Proposal With regard to the special account supplementary budget of up to Proposal No. 34 from No. 42, the correction due to the liquidation and performance expected due to the completion of the project will be the main content.

Proposal With regard to the first 34 issue National Health Insurance special accounts supplementary budget, it has become the increase correction of 545 ten thousand 2 thousand yen. In revenue, but a joint venture grant is becoming reduced correction of 1032 ten thousand 9 thousand yen, This was mainly caused by a reduction of the insurance financial joint Stabilization Project grant.

In addition, the money transferred is but we have become the increase correction of 1738 ten thousand 3 thousand yen, the main thing is, there are in the money transferred from the money transferred and National Health business insurance fund from the general account in accordance with the insurance foundation stability.

With regard to the expenditure, insurance benefit costs and joint business contributions it is becoming increase correction. Medical benefit costs with regard to the insurance benefits, regarding the joint venture contributions, is due to insurance finance joint stabilization business contributions of increased compensation.

Proposal With regard to the first 37 No. nursing care insurance special accounts supplementary budget, it has become the increase correction of 2201 ten thousand 5 thousand yen.

In-Home Care Service and facility care services insurance payment costs of benefits expenses are becoming increased correction in expenditure. Along with this, it also becomes the increase correction nursing care payment contribution of there you country and province in the financial resources of these benefits cost.

With regard to the agenda the first 39 No. tap special accounts supplementary budget, making it a reduction correction of 491 ten thousand 7 thousand. Reduction correction of the water use fee Niokimashite revenue, In our expenditures, water approval change commission and corporate accounting system use fee and water land ownership registration of a transfer commission of reduction correction is becoming the main thing.

Proposal With regard to the first 40 issue specific environmental protection public sewer business special accounts supplementary budget, making it a reduction correction of 360 million. In our revenue, sewer use fee of reduced correction, In our annual expenditure, a reduction correction of the town alone construction of sewer relationship is becoming the main thing.

Proposal With regard to the first 42 No. tourism facilities business special accounts supplementary budget, has become the increase correction of 235 ten thousand 7 thousand yen. Increase correction of property lending income and villa land management revenue in revenue is becoming the main thing.

Or more, we have a description about what the Lord's supplementary budget.

We are in for obtaining the consent appointment of the agenda the first 43 No. NAGAWA agriculture committee of the committee. NAGAWA Agriculture Committee, which had been elected as a member by the election until now, more by the revision of the law, with the consent of the parliament, now that the mayor is appointed. Therefore, much less on the basis of the provisions of law No. 8 Article 1 section on agriculture committee, etc., it is proposed to obtain the consent of the parliament for the committee of 14 name.

And continued, from the Proposal No. 44 to Proposal No. 55, but you are in for the specified designated administrator, NAGAWA Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries facility other, from the fact that the specified period to the end in this 3 last day of the month with regard to each of the facility, specified the designation of the administrators is intended to ask for approval was based on the local Government Act.

Last but not, you are in for it to give up part of the rights pertaining to the bill the first 56 No. Ueda area interjurisdictional Furusato Fund.

Ueda area interjurisdictional Furusato Fund, to expand the business with the aim of integral development of Kamico region, is construct a unique and attractive regional development as the purpose, because of the regional contribution in going through the also waiver in the past It has been devoted to financial support, etc. to. This time, it is proposed to allocate reversal of fund to be appropriated to the continuing operations of the Nagano Prefecture Kamico medical district regional medical rehabilitation plan to be implemented in fiscal year 28.

 Although we have been like to describe each proposal that we have tabled to parliament now, For more details during the committee deliberations, I would like an explanation from the person in charge.

We ask for approval of the draft and I will explain the reason for the proposal.