Heisei 27 September regular meeting general questions

Published 2015 years 08 month 24 Date

Let you know the approximate time to remark the order of the questioner of the general question to be carried out in two days (water).

● 9: 00 ~ 10: 00
Tsubasa Miyashita lawmaker
(1) and the current state of the pine-eating damage for measures such as
(2) for public relations activities to achieve Osue's awareness up of

● 10: 10 ~ 11: 10
Kurihara Akatsukishi lawmakers
(1) For agricultural policy
(2) for the operation of the Development Corporation

● 11: 20 ~ 12: 20
Megumi Harada 召議 members
(1) for the disaster prevention system of NAGAWA
(2) for the junior high school integration problem
(3) Nagakubo on the development of the ground
(4) for the business conditions of the Development Corporation

● 13: 20 ~ 14: 20
Seiji Miyazawa Congressman
(1) for disaster prevention and response
For (2) economic stimulus for the region Cooperation Volunteers
(3) for the operation of the annual account out of cash

★ For the time, it will be changed by the length of each member of question time.

Simply fill in the name and address, so you can sit in at any time during the meeting,
By all means, please go out to Wada Government building floor.
It should be noted that the hearing can be number of people, it has become a first-come, first-served basis at 30 people.

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