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27 years 12 month regular meeting, the mayor proposed reason description

Published 2015 years 12 month 02 Date


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
And celebrated its Shiwasu, it has become the season freezing even trees of the hills and fields.
In addition, although there is in something restless, when we convened the December regular meeting here today, I would like to thank that you can hold look forward to attending your of (lawmakers everyone).
Well, NAGAWA in this October 1, the merger of Nagato-cho, and Wada village, celebrated the 10 years since the birth as a new town.
Including everyone of the townspeople, you for your help from a lot of everyone, such as everyone in Congress, regarding that greeted the merger 10 years, respectfully I would like to thank.
When we look back on this 10 years, first in Japan beginning in the large merger of Heisei, the Lehman shock is caused from the disrepute of the financial instruments involved in the American sub-prime loans, a big change in the economy surface that fall into the large global recession There is, also, does not see the radioactive contamination caused by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant facilities destroyed in the Great East Japan earthquake, fundamentally become a catastrophe that must be pressed reviewing safety measures for any disaster of Japan, is an example in the past It was a tumultuous 10 years.
In such a historical background, "town uplifting, NAGAWA" aims to, importance of dialogue with everyone of the residents, and community development as a pillar of my town government management to foster a sense of unity as NAGAWA the we have promoted.
During this time, the separate collection of the town of garbage, unification of patrol bus service, sewage treatment facilities and cable television of integration, such as by town road Nagakubo Aobara line road improvement work along with the work on the efficiency of the administrative and financial, Nagato nursery school construction in accordance with Nagato district Wakaba nursery, Daimon nursery of integration, and with regard to the construction project of the municipal housing was the implementation as population reduction measures, underway in the five-year plan from fiscal year 2010, as planned residents number 60 units Womochimashite 2014 construction business has ended of.
Its other, childcare support and population growth measures depends on, such as the following medical expenses free of 18-year-old, also enhance regional disaster prevention system depends on the use of disaster prevention radio, welfare, which was the core of the Yoda recess hospital, such as the improvement of community medicine, townsmen We have continued working on various business ideas together with everyone.
Currently, aimed at the completion of this year in December, but construction of the new building will be a place which is on track, it is on February 5 next year to hold a commemorative ceremony of the newly merged 10 anniversary of this together with the completion of this new building you off at will.
Pick a full-scale decentralization era, the much more to the "town-people, work Creation Act", which was enacted last year, but we have promoted the development of the "NAGAWA population vision," "NAGAWA comprehensive strategy", length developed a plan laid out Yawaramachi likeness to the entire surface, my is a commitment toward the realization of "uplifting town NAGAWA", and would like to continue to expand the urban development together with everyone and townspeople of everyone of Parliament you.


[For business performance]

Now, also making a "take over the rich nature, history, culture, creation of NAGAWA continue to shine," was the administrative management of the theme of my third term town, two years have passed went into the second half of his term.
Here With regard to the business performance of the past two years, we will describe the situation of the main business.
First, you are in for the construction of construction and office new building of integrated nursery school (Nagato nursery school), child care support center, Womochimashite now is Thanks regard to the integration nursery school, 1 years have passed and opening of the park end of construction last year. Every day from my office sound to voice playground of the kindergarten, the figure running around in healthy we will enter the eye. And this when we look at the children of the healthy state, will be a place which is seen bright signs also in the future of NAGAWA, felt the responsibility of with to again my Masashi Machi it.
Office concerning the construction of the new building, now the end of the month completed, and now towards the delivery, construction work relationship is now almost completed except for a small residual construction in 11 month full, each department towards the completion from entering the 12 month becoming of the inspection process.
Then, I will be in the third term of the commitments we have, "Nagawa next vision (3)", even especially touted, from children to the elderly, with the aim of town development that all of the residents are healthy to live vividly , to promote community participation and collaboration of the town government, but you are in for the "establishment of resident autonomy basics regulations", ordinance Review Committee to define the basic principles such as the autonomy of the 1 times NAGAWA in December last year and we held, and then discussed in the committee on the basis of the "original people plan" as a basis for regulations, also have received various opinions to everyone in the town in which to hold a briefing in the neighborhood 4 residents' association I have come. These opinions, and was based on the consideration of the committee, we would like to continue to advance the project towards the ordinance during my term of office.
Also, now the TPP negotiations outline agreement, greater will be the agriculture that affects, for dairy Among them, determines the tariff reductions of dairy products, but it is mean that severe result is a reality, in such a situation , it is proposed that mega solar business in Nagato ranch we are currently underway has an improved business environment of stable pasture management, it is also expected new business development as a tourist ranch.
The past few years, Blanche alpine ski resort is the subject business, skiing population decline and economic conditions, also the much more cause of repeated accidents and the like, including natural disasters, officer system with regard to the promotion of public company management has had been worsening but one year been redesigned has passed.
In the past year, improvement of management practices, such as the awareness of staff advances, there where I feel that it would be has become considerably brighter workplace atmosphere.
We will develop new businesses, Toshimashite target planned sound management, we Corporation as a designated management is entrusted to the management and operation of each facility, I think the officers began staff we must work together to face cage you.
Blanche alpine ski area, also both hot spring facilities, Japanese paper of the village hometown center, is one of the key industries of each facility for both the town and is also the recreation office of townspeople everyone. Rep. Dear will be a place to ask even of use than ever to everyone of townspeople from the base.
Education in the relationship, for junior high school integration issues, Niokimashite March parliament this year, we received a report that "it should be integrated from the conclusion that it is desirable that a given population scale is ensured in the junior high school" of junior high school integration problems studied Council , the results of the survey, which was conducted earlier, also in the overall judgment each of the opinions, etc., we decided to integration of junior high school.
Currently, Heisei 29 year, providing a preparatory committee consisting I have 50 people committee of towards the integration of the year after next April, it will be a place which is gearing up.
In this Preparatory Committee, Affairs Subcommittee, school safety committee, PTA Committee, Community School Committee, with five of the Group of the school management committee, of the problem for each committee, and I am a study concerning issues such as, Regarding all aspects , there where you have gotten your effort each so that you can seamlessly integrate as much as possible.
International Exchange, regarding the promotion of a sister city relationship, Toshimashite opportunity United Kingdom with "Sainsbury Japan Arts Institute," the academic agreement of "black 耀石 experience museum", sister city agreements and of the United Kingdom Breckland (Burekkurando) region, We set up an executive committee to implement international exchange projects centering on children and are also preparing business.
In the summer this year has everyone came to Japan of high school students of Thetford history club, your educational exchange Expert Group of the Executive Committee becomes the center, hospitality elaborate various tastes, in the course of the exchange, the Japan, Nagawa will be a place where I think or not than had you enjoy enough to the town.
In future plans, next year moved to England at the center of the junior high school students from here in the summer, we would like to perform for the first time of the exchange program.

More than my third term, we let me describe the main business and we look back on the past two years.

[For ordinance Opportunity

So we will be the explanation for the bill, which has decided to propose to the parliament now.
There is an ordinance to amend the part of the ordinances to determine the position of the office of the bill the first 86 No. NAGAWA. With regard to this, the government office government building along with the new building construction it is proposed to amend the new address of the transfer destination so you transfer
And it continued, you are in for the enactment of the ordinance to abolish the bill first 87 No. NAGAWA Nagato ranch Promotion Fund regulations. This ordinance is there in the fund regulations relating to management stability fund lending business in Nagato ranch, accompanied as Nagato ranch solar power generation business of you know, it is proposed to abolish this ordinance because it expected a stable rent income.
We are in for the enactment of the ordinance to amend the part of the bill the first 88 No. NAGAWA tax regulations. With regard to the content, in line with the enforcement of the law on the use and the like of the number in order to identify a specific individual in the administrative procedures, for the portion related to tax is intended to the required revision.
Then, we are in for the enactment of the ordinance to amend the part of the bill the first 89 No. NAGAWA firefighters such as public affairs accident compensation regulations. With regard to this ordinance amendment, that the main part of the law to amend the part of the Japanese Welfare Pension Insurance Law, etc. for the Purpose of unification such as employee pension plan that was enacted in fiscal 24 year, came into force on March 27 years 10 month and it was due to, because the Cabinet order to define the criteria for damage compensation in accordance with the part-time firefighters, etc. has been amended, it is proposed to carry out the required amendment.
Bill the first 90 No. NAGAWA we are in for the enactment of the constant regulations of the Committee on Agriculture of the committee. More by the partial revision of the Act on the agricultural committee, etc., which have been promulgated on March 27 years 9 month 4 date, is the election system of the agriculture committee is abolished, was revised to the appointment system by the mayor of the municipality with the consent of the parliament . It Along with this will be a revision of the constant regulations of the agriculture committee.
And it continued, you are in for the enactment of the constant regulations of the bill the first 91 No. NAGAWA agricultural land use optimization promotion committee. Regarding also the enactment of this ordinance, the same as in the Proposal No. 90, if there in the enactment of the ordinance by the partial revision of the Act on the Council of Agriculture, etc., use accumulation of farmland to the leaders and, the prevention and elimination of abandoned farmland etc., in order to perform on-site activities in the region, it is proposed to determine the constants of the newly installed is agricultural land use optimization promotion committee.
We are in for the enactment of regulations to amend the part of the bill the first 92 No. NAGAWA long-term care insurance regulations. Regarding also the revision of the regulations, with the enforcement of the law regarding the use or the like of the number used to identify a specific individual in administrative procedures, the insurance premiums of collection postponement and reduction of taxes, in addition to the name and address, the insured, etc. it is necessary to grasp the income or tax situation, it is proposed that the revision of the regulations for that must be sought the description of the personal number as defined in the Act 2 Article 5 term.
We are in about the last use of the bill personal number on the basis of the law on the use and the like of the number in order to identify a specific individual in the first 93 No. NAGAWA administrative procedures and the enactment of the regulations for the provision of specific personal information. This ordinance is, in the law regarding the use or the like of the number in order to identify a specific individual in the administrative procedures of enforcement Heisei 27 years 10 month 5 date, Niokimashite same Act 9 Article 2 section, with respect to the processing of the business specified in the "Ordinance , because it has been touted as "taking advantage of the specific personal information, it is proposed to enact this ordinance.

[For supplementary budget]

And it continued, for the proposal of the supplementary budget relationship that we have proposed in this regular meeting, I would like to turn your description.
Proposal for the supplementary budget relationships that we have proposed to the regular meetings,
- Proposal No. 94 No. Heisei 27 year NAGAWA general account revised budget (No. 3)
- Proposal No. 95 No. Heisei 27 year NAGAWA National Health Insurance special accounts (business accounts) supplementary budget (No. 2) 
- Proposal No. 96 No. Heisei 27 year NAGAWA latter-stage elderly medical care special accounts supplementary budget (No. 2)
- Proposal No. 97 No. Heisei 27 year NAGAWA nursing care insurance special accounts supplementary budget (No. 2)
- Proposal No. 98 No. Heisei 27 year NAGAWA tap special accounts supplementary budget (No. 3)
- Proposal No. 99 No. Heisei 27 year NAGAWA specific environmental protection public sewer business special accounts supplementary budget (No. 2)
There in the 6 proposal.
First, Proposal No. 94, with regard to the fiscal 27 year general account revised budget (No. 3) will be happy to explain the main thing.
In the context of the annual expenditure, Niokimashite general affairs costs, as a new building-related expenses, expenses related to open agency type of new building, which will perform in the next year 2 month 15 date, signboard renovation of office Wada branch-Nagakubo Branch due to the new building open agency expenses, we have the initial budget at the time of not recorded a photothermal and water expenses and the like according to the new building that was we have been the subject recorded only.
In addition, expenses related to the activity costs of community building cooperation Corps, in the information-related addition to let me recorded the cost of security measures against unauthorized access and the like, we have recorded a reserve fund, etc. to the financial adjustment fund.
In our consumer costs, welfare medical expenses, disability independence support payment costs, community life support services, child welfare contents related to benefit the estimated amount of benefit expenses, welfare center for the old and the town center assembly hall of the building periodic inspection of findings we were allowed to recorded a correction and the like of the designated management fee in accordance with the repair costs, etc. for.
In our health costs, we have recorded a correction and the like according to the pay-out money to the water special account due to the change of the fiscal measures with costs associated with the change of influenza vaccination content, in small water-supply business law optimization of water special account It was.
In our agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry costs, in agriculture cost relationship, mountainous area direct payment grant, correction due to the determination of the amount of the multi-functionality payment grant, we were allowed to record the cost of arable land improvement work.
In addition, in the forestry cost relationship, we have recorded expenses related to the pine weevil control measures associated with the project cost determination of the secondary content, the expenses related to the harmful birds and beasts extermination Council for subsidies according to the capture such as deer.
In our Chamber of Commerce and Industry expenses, as a supplementary budget according to the town, people, work creation business, mainly in Chino, in all 7 municipalities, including the NAGAWA, established a council to address the wide-area tourism was the cornerstone of the Venus line the cost and the like according to the contributions for we have recorded. The financial resources of this business, the full amount, we have appropriated subsidies and are you regional activation and local residents life, such as emergency assistance grant from the country.
In our civil engineering costs, the cost and the like according to the road repair work, In our education costs, emergency food of elementary and junior high school, we were allowed to account for subsidies Children's international exchange business, expenses related to Nagato townspeople gymnasium shutter repair, etc..
Then with regard to revenue, we will explain the main contents.
First there in the local allocation tax, with regard to the normal allocation tax, correction due to the decision of the ordinary issued tax for the fiscal 27 year, with regard to special local allocation tax, making it a calculated item, economic development projects in the area Cooperation Volunteers and small water-supply business law we were allowed to recorded a correction due to a change of optimization-related expenses.
In addition, In our money transferred, with regard to the financial adjustment fund money transferred, we have recorded a correction to the full amount reduced the money transferred budget.
Or more, in the whole general accounting, is intended to give me the increase correction of 1 billion 2011 ten thousand 6 thousand yen, total budget after the correction, it is 65 billion 7806 ten thousand 9 thousand yen.
And continued, bill the first 95 No. Heisei 27 year NAGAWA National Health Insurance special accounts (business accounts) supplementary budget proposal from the (No. 2) No. 99 No. Heisei 27 year NAGAWA specific environmental protection public sewer business special accounts revised budget I would like an explanation of special accounts supplementary budget of up to (No. 2).
National Health Insurance special accounts, long-term care insurance regarding special accounting, respectively, for the revenue, correction according to the revenue prospects of the insurance tax and insurance premiums, In our expenditure, in payment costs determination of the benefits expected and fiscal 27 year of Heisei 26 year we were allowed to recorded a correction of the refunds associated with.
With regard to the later-stage elderly medical care special accounts, and payments to the old-old medical care interjurisdictional affiliation, we have recorded the correction of the money transferred from the general account to which they relate.
Water With regard to the special account, a simple water due to the change of the fiscal measures relating to business law optimized general accounting Money Transferred and Machisai also, in the annual expenditure, we have recorded a correction of facility electricity fee.
With regard to specific environmental protection public sewer business special accounts, we are planning the implementation of the project in two years for the fiscal 28 year and fiscal 29 year, Ya contributions from the commission and Aoki village of design relationship in accordance with the raw sewage processing facility construction we were allowed to recorded a correction according to a consumption tax.
More will be a supplementary budget relationship that we have proposed in this regular meeting.

[About depopulated area independence promotion plan]

And we continued, we will describe the changes in the bill the first 100 No. NAGAWA depopulated area independence promotion plan.
Regarding the current depopulated area independence promotion plan, but the deadline was being until 2015, because now that the deadline is extended until the 2020 fiscal year, regarding plans have been changed by this extension , it is proposed to obtain again the Congress of the approval.

[With respect to the election of committee]

Finally it will be in for obtaining the consent of the appointment committee of the 101 Nos. Board of Education agenda.
The term of office of Board of Education will be four years, regarding re-appointment of the committee to be the term of office expires at this time this December 2, it is proposed to ask the consent.
Although we have been like to describe each proposal that we have tabled to this regular meeting, for further details during committee deliberations, I would like an explanation from the person in charge.
We ask for approval of the draft and I will explain the reason for the proposal.