Heisei 27 years 12 month regular meeting general questions

Published 2015 years 12 month 01 Date

You will be notified to remark order of approximate time the questioner of the general question to be carried out in 7 days (month).

● 9: 00 ~ 10: 00
Morita New Komeito lawmakers
(1) the mechanism of NAGAWA associated with the move to the new building

● 10: 10 ~ 11: 10
Megumi Harada 召議 members
(1) for the establishment of medical students such as scholarship loan system
(2) My number system and hacking, etc.
(3) for the bullying and the Board of Education system
(4) for the new building open agency and branch office function

● 11: 20 ~ 12: 20
Seiji Miyazawa Congressman
(1) for the maintenance and future of public facilities

● 13: 20 ~ 14: 20
Kurihara Akatsukishi lawmakers
(1) with respect to child-rearing in Japan
(2) for the corresponding to the welfare revision
(3) Agricultural policy

● 14: 30 ~ 15: 00
Hideo Ito lawmakers
(1) For the local creation and economic stimulus for the region Cooperation Volunteers and pro bono practice
(2) for the installation of the ordinance and the vacant house bank of vacant house measures the promotion of our town

● 15: 10 ~ 16: 10
Tsubasa Miyashita lawmaker
(1) For the local version of a comprehensive strategy business, etc.
(2) My number system

● 16: 20 ~ 17: 00
Kimio Haneda lawmakers
(1) for the toilet of the town small and middle schools
(2) For Wada inn accommodation

★ For the time, it will be changed by the length of each member of question time.

Simply fill in the name and address, so you can sit in at any time during the meeting,
By all means, please go out to Wada Government building floor.
It should be noted that the hearing can be number of people, it has become a first-come, first-served basis in 30 people.

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