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Heisei 27 years 12 month Nagawa town council regular meeting of the announcement

Published 2015 years 12 month 01 Date

News from Nagawa town council

March 27 older sum town council 12 month regular meeting will be opened on one day.

The opening of the session until 15 date, location is done in the floor of Wada Government Buildings

1 (Tuesday) at 9:30 am ...... parliament opening (tabled the bill)
7 days (Mon) 9:00 am ......... general question seven
10 day (Thursday) 9:00 am ...... Affairs Economic Standing Committee and Social Educational Standing Committee
15 date (Tuesday) at 9:30 am ..... parliament reunion (Chairperson, question, debate, vote, Closing)

12 moon day of the opening day, up to a description of the mayor proposed reasons, will be broadcast live on cable television.
In addition, it may be around because time is an estimate only.

9: 30 ......... Open Society
9: 45 ......... description of the proposed reason for the mayor

Mayor mayor banner

ク イ ッ ク ア ク セ ス