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27 September regular meeting, the mayor proposed reason description

Published 2015 years 09 month 01 Date


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
Greet the season of the harvest soon rice is, we have gradually started changing into a golden color from green.
Well, we hit today 9 month regular meeting held on, look forward to your attendance of lawmakers Dear all, We would like to thank sincerely that you can hold meetings.

[Country of Status

Currently countries, a variety of problems, challenges, but we are working on the measures, if you look at the major trends, local creation in the beginning, but there in the city, people, work creation relationship, population decline, aging to the big challenges that our country faces that reduction, efforts across the nation, each region in which it was taking advantage of the characteristics of each, it is proposed that the creation of self-sustaining society.
Go into this fiscal year, issuing business of premium gift certificate that was conducted in that business carried forward in this 7 month is believed to have been made as part of the local creation.
Then it is the whereabouts of the TPP negotiations, initially, ministerial negotiations of this time that was done in 7 month full Hawaii, we are with the time limit, has been carried over to the next time did not reach agreement in principle. Since I do a great influence on the course of the future of agriculture by the results of the United States of tariff issues such as negotiations in this town, we would like to continue to watch the results of the negotiations.
Next is a matter of security legislation, but each time we have stated my opinion in the field of Congress. It is conducted deliberations currently in the House of Councilors.
Country for this security legislation, experts asked whether the opinion whether the Constitution violates the terms of the law, have gained the view that it is unconstitutional.
The first place and will be the fact that this bill is unconstitutional, establishment of bill we believe is that it is very difficult to obtain the understanding of the public.
In the questionnaire of the news organization, so we have the intention and 8 percentage of the population is an insufficient explanation, the country is why when there is a need to be carefully explained to whether this legislation is we need people, have felt anew By the way there will.
Under such circumstances, Prime Minister discourse of 8 month 14 days after the war 70 year has been announced. The discourse of the current Prime Minister Abe, because had been widely reported in the media, etc. from the previous announcement, but our nation was also have a strong interest, I think about its contents there are a variety of impressions each you, but even if we in any case, this is neighboring countries, to the world and say more, also, because it was a great influence on the future of Japan future, we look with interest also for the corresponding of the future of the country We want and we believe.
Then you are my number system (Social Security tax number system), this My number system is, more by subjecting all one person one of the number for those of you with a resident card, social security, tax, the field of disaster management in efficiently manage the information, it means that information of individuals that exist in more than one engine is utilized in order to confirm that it is the information of the same person.
And, 10 digits of my number to everyone townsmen from this 12 month is notified, it will continue to use in sequentially each administrative procedures from 28 month of next year 1 year.
For this system, but will also be some concern that confusion future for the corresponding terminal municipality, even if we in any case, we also would like to continue to support Toshimashite town so as not to take the trouble to everyone townsmen.
Or more, but we have discussed measures such as the recent country, in such, Japan Research Institute for the outlook of the Japanese economy of 8 month, Japan's economic trends are followed by improvement of good corporate earnings and income and employment environment cage, and has sustained a gradual recovery trend, business confidence has been said to be at a high level.
Also, if you more Shinanomainichishinbun of articles of other day, agricultural products exports in the first half (1 month ~ 6 month) this year, rate of growth since 2005 years began the statistics, we reported that a record high in the amount of money both. Japanese food boom in this cause the United States and Europe, in growing demand with a focus on Asia, but it has been and there is undervalued in the weak yen, to assume the TPP negotiations results in of this town agricultural products, overseas export we also feel that it has become necessary environment to go with a view to.
In addition, so that the business confidence at the national level is also felt in the town level, we would like to continue to the correspondence in the can part.

[For the fiscal year 26 business performance]

And we continued, we are in the business performance for the fiscal year 26.
Congress now, mainly proposal of financial results for the fiscal 26 year, but we believe that Congress get a review about the business performance, this proposal, let me describe the once of belief latest specifications examination, ask for your understanding and support I want and it is proposed.
[Administration Division relationship]
First, there in the personnel system, the current number of staff is a 97 name. Simulation, etc. plan Nishitagaimashite, although there where you have the management of the number of staff, the effort to business commission, reduction of capacity number depends on integration such as government buildings associated with the new building construction to be aggressive private future, staff labor costs we will strive to suppression.
Following we have is the relationship of crisis management, but there is also a place that is already working in the neighboring municipalities as disaster prevention measures, began efforts organization of voluntary disaster prevention organization from 26 year.
With regard to voluntary disaster prevention organization, we reviewed this organization in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and later all over, and I together to create in each of the region the "resident-led warning and evacuation system" Niokimashite Tomachi, to promote this organization in the future and we will continue.
Then there is the relationship of tax revenue, but the town tax commission a straight-line basis for the fiscal 26 year,
7 billion 5189 ten thousand 9 thousand yen, will be a decrease in year-on-year 1.7 point.
However, the situation individual inhabitant tax, because it is corporate inhabitant tax from their respective year-on-year increase, but I mentioned before, the economic trends of the entire country are suggesting that came out soon also in town unit we feel that it is the.
[Planning and Finance Section relationship]
Heisei 26 year general account settlement amount of town revenue 62 billion 8663 ten thousand 5 thousand yen, annual expenditure 59 billion 7149 million and revenue expenditure net balance is 3 billion 1514 ten thousand 5 thousand yen, the real balance minus the carry-over funds to the following fiscal year is now 2 billion 7826 ten thousand 3 thousand yen, revenue in the previous year the increase of 7%, the annual expenditure became the increase of 8%.
In addition, in the 26 year, Toshimashite settlement funding, performs a 25 billion 1 million yen of funding to the inner financial adjustment fund for the fiscal year 3 financial surplus, we strive to maintain a healthy financial.
There in the new building construction, but a bid to 9 month is carried out, but construction work has begun in earnest, toward the body construction completion of this year 12 month there where is progressing currently on track.
You're welcome to the business that we are currently planning Finance Section is responsible for, and consideration towards the enactment of the "resident autonomy basics regulations", has been a cabinet decision to 26 years 12 month "town, people, job creation overall There is a development of associated with the strategy, "" local population vision "," local version of a comprehensive strategy, "but, with regard to these businesses, will be a place which is promoted while taking sufficient consensus by holding such as everyone with the meeting of the townspeople.
In addition, the fact that local residents living such as emergency assistance, premium gift certificate which was conducted as a proactive business in this region creation business, started selling in this 26 month 7 Date Toshimashite carry over business of 12 year, 8 month 3 8 million yen worth were sold out on the day.
There in municipal housing construction business that we have advanced in 22-year plan from fiscal 5 year but, 26 building 2 door was completed in four nights district of 12 year Daimon, all 60 door construction projects of the plan was terminated.
This business, which was conducted as a brake measures to promote settlement and declining population of young people, on was evaluated in the project effects such as sufficient, we will consider the plan in the future.
[Townsman Welfare Division relationship]
In the paperwork of the family register relationship, and it is that it does not also allowed error of one point for word, although there where correspond to very cautious in its handling, but I said even before the introduction of the My number system and I was hit on that, there where was Mai' proceed at any time the renovation of the system relationship from fiscal 26 year.
And, this numbered from 10 month to each individual addressed notification is, since the Heisei from 28 years 1 month begins also issue of "My number card" to the applicant, is necessary to go further pay attention to the management we have a certain recognition.
[Industry Promotion Division relationship]
Agriculture of this town, had a lot of Zhongshan city, in the majority part-time and small-self-consumption farms, of aging and farmers, from the lack of successors have decreased literally farmers, sustainable agriculture to promote the establishment "people, farmland plan", the development of specialty products to increase the added value of agricultural products, and the promotion of such next six industrialization to perform consistently to processing and sales from production is becoming important.
Under such circumstances, the decline in significant rice prices for the fiscal 26 year, has been a major blow to US farmers, is becoming a serious situation from the decrease in the production willingness to increase the Yukyu farmland.
Toshimashite the measures, in aligning the country's policies and pace, the organization of village farming, support to large-scale farmers, there where training and considered to be important.
Toshimashite subsidy from the government for the fiscal year 26, Niokimashite management income stabilization measures, generally 5 yen Nitaishimashite 7723 business, and is 1600 yen in Zhongshan between direct payments business has been issued to farmers, respectively.
With regard to the buckwheat Dattan that we have put the force as a town of specialty products, the much more Shinano kiriyama Dattan buckwheat union, deployment of high-value-added agriculture from fiscal 17 year, to eliminate the promotion and idle devastated farmland of local industry as the main purpose, specialty production as goods, but we have been research and development, steadily expanding its production scale, in 26 year there was a harvest of 30 tons was the planting to 31 hectares.
In addition, on the basis of the subsidy of 6 thousand yen from Dattan buckwheat restaurant town that was planned in 1500 following industrialization comprehensive business plan, we have started the business from 9 month completed in 10 month.
There harmful birds and beasts extermination measures of town, but Sika, the 26 head and Keyed wild boar captured in 1,515 year, we issued a 2727 yen as a subsidy for the capture to the harmful birds and beasts extermination measures Council.
There in the business of commerce and tourism relations, with regard to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the beginning, but you can see some of the points up when you look at the corporate sector of the resident tax, which I mentioned in the previous paragraph, as realized also still confidence in the town Chamber of Commerce and Industry trader it seems such has been obtained.
Toshimashite business, but you are living comfortable furtherance business (housing reform auxiliary), we grant a subsidy of 36 ten thousand 4953 thousand yen Nitaishimashite total project cost of 5 ten thousand 639 thousand yen There is application of 4 matter.
There in the tourism relationship, 26 time in the celebrated I was Utsukushigahara trail run & walk IN Nagawa the in 4 year, there is a participant of 1,200 name a little less, if there in participation towards its inner 6 split strength was associated with the accommodation , it has become a very important as a summer event in the town.
It should be noted that the competition of this trail run is more I hear and also serves as a qualifying meeting of the international tournament, and now has become a big tournament, such as entering the top class in the nation, the future also continue to tourism association is not limited to this tournament cooperation we would like to continue to boost the various events in take.
For the operation of NAGAWA Promotion Corporation, Toshimashite measures for the time being, I am President, the deputy mayor and vice president, a new system to put the officers for each department we start.
Among them, in the 26 year as development projects related Blanche alpine ski resort, we have carried out the development projects of the 1 Pearifuto development projects other 1 billion yen over.
In addition, the designated management fees to the ski slopes is also a consultation on the slopes way Exploratory Committee, we intend to continue ye gazing up your decision in Parliament while collectively direction.
[Construction Water Division relationship]
Although it is related to the construction water service section, the town road of Changwa Town is the 693 route, its extension is 314km.
26 year, road improvement work of Tateiwa Furumachi line, and in a planned manner the project implementation will have been made bridge longer life business, one of Kaya Bridge repair work Wada has been carried out.
In the arable land relationship, and that agricultural land, waterways, conservation and management of local resources such as farm roads carried out by joint activities of the region from 26 year, multi-faceted functions of the agriculture and rural areas is maintained and demonstrated by the, actors farmers efforts of "multi-functionality payment business" was started in order to promote the agricultural land accumulation in. This project will continue the next five years, but we would like to continue working to smooth business promotion.
[Education Division relationship]
Wada Junior High School of integration issues, discussion over the past several times due to the decrease in the number of students is we have been made.
Each time period but the determination that premature has led to the current sent down, the number of students without also increase element future, especially in junior high school in the compulsory education, touched on a variety of ideas in a group, such as cooperate mutually recognized each other feeling that I think the social and normative consciousness because it is important to wear, and I thought that it is desirable to a certain scale of the population has been secured, junior high school a long history and tradition Wada, a school of the local community through the also you can fully understand, in order to arrange a better environment for children, received a report of "NAGAWA junior high school integration problem consider council", we decided to integrate into Yoda recess southern junior high school of Wada Junior High School.
Currently, in order to set up a preparatory committee towards a smooth integration, we are making preparations in the Education Division.
Or more, and we were let described with regard to the actual results of the implementation business of each that put you each lesson in fiscal 26 year.

[About the financial indicators of the town]

And continued, but it is the overview of the fiscal 26 year financial results, with regard to this matter, after this, so to explain from the accounting manager, lack of financial indicators and restoration judgment ratio and funding of the fiscal 26 year of town from me it will be the explanation for the ratio.
First, we will describe the financial indicators of the town.
First of all, it is the current account balance. Regarding the current account balance ratio, general finance without restrictions on the use that is regularly incurred each year, such as town tax and ordinary allocation tax, is fixedly expended every year, such as personnel expenses, property costs, relief expenses, public debt costs, etc. It is a ratio showing how much it is allocated to expenditure. The lower this figure is, the financially more flexible it is.
Current account ratio in March 26 year financial results came to 80.8%. Current account ratio of fiscal 25 year because it was 79.5%, rose 1.3 point. Toshimashite factor of the rise, increasing the burden paid to some clerical union, and increase of feeding money to the special account has become a major factor.
In addition, It is therefore recommended that customers contact the calculation of the current account ratio, it has been greatly affected by the amount of ordinary allocation tax, the future, because it is expected to decrease due to a single calculation of ordinary allocation tax, continue to prevent the rigidity of the financial also for, we would like to continue to further efforts to reduce the operating expenses in the expenditure.
Then it is "financial capability index", which is, standard financial revenues, the tax revenues, such as the so-called town, expenses required to carry out the administrative in a rational and reasonable level, the so-called standard financial needs removal is a numerical value, it is proposed that numerical value the larger the financial strength is determined to be high. Financial capability index for the fiscal year 26 is 0.231, we are down 0.232 point when compared to the previous year of financial capability index 0.001.
This is the standard financial revenue amounted to contrast was almost the same amount as the previous year, it is due to the fact that standard financial needs has increased.
Then, there in relation to the restoration judgment ratio, which is located in the 4 one of the indicators, "real deficit ratio", "consolidated real deficit ratio", "real debt service ratio", those related to "future burden ratio" it is in.
In addition, I would like to in the description as "Early Strengthening standard" is intended to achieve fiscal consolidation by voluntary improvement effort, the "financial reproduction standards", the financial situation than "early health criterion" is worse to have a state, it is proposed to achieve a reliable reproduced by the involvement of the country, and the like.
First, the real deficit ratio, consolidated real deficit ratio, making it a healthy because it is not a deficit.
Then, there in the real debt service ratio for the fiscal year 26, Heisei next 24% from 26 year in 3-year average based on the financial results for the fiscal year 9.3, was 10.5 point decrease from 1.2% of the previous year.
It is a numerical value used at the time of the calculation of the real debt service ratio, increase of such standard financial needs inclusion public debt payments, has become a major factor in the decline of the real debt service ratio.
Then, it is about the future burden ratio, the future burden ratio is next to 8.1%, was 22.2 point decrease from 14.1% of the previous year.
An increase in the fund reserve fund is appropriated possible financial resources for the future burden is, has become a major factor in the reduction of the future burden ratio.
Finally, there in the lack of funds ratio, this is, indicates the severity of the financial condition of the public enterprises, management soundness standards, but we are determined to 20%, in the public enterprise accounting of our town, funds It was a result of the shortage is not.
It should be noted that, with regard to the restoration judgment ratio and the lack of funds ratio, we have been submitted as reported projects in this parliament. Later, because there is a description from the responsible manager, thank you.

[For ordinance amendment proposal]

So, with regard to the revised proposal of the ordinance, I will description.
Although there is the enactment of the ordinance to amend the part of the bill the first 69 No. NAGAWA personal information protection ordinance, the law on the use and the like of the number in order to identify a specific individual that you put in administrative procedures, the so-called Mai number method and now with the enforcement of, per the handling of personal information, if it is intended to include the Mai number, since it has been demanded strict handling, more by the provisions of the Mai number Law, Article 31, in order to incorporate the necessary measures to ordinance There is a part of the amendment.
And continued, but you are in for the enactment of the ordinance to amend the part of the bill the first 70 No. NAGAWA fee ordinance, the enforcement of My number method similar to the Proposal No. 69 also regard this ordinance amendment, number notification card and latest specifications issuance of personal number card, it is necessary to collect a fee in the municipality, it is proposed amending the part of the NAGAWA fee ordinance.
Then the bill the first 71 No. NAGAWA personnel of the business of the specified community-based services, we are in for the enactment of regulations to amend the part of the regulations that set standards concerning facilities and management.
Personnel of the business of the specified community-based services of the country, the standards concerning facilities and management, and now with the amendment of the Act 72 Article 2 term, the much more that small-scale multi-function type home care has become the auditee outside the scope of the external evaluation , since it is an item determined in consideration of the national standards, it is proposed to amend the part of the regulations.
Finally, set standards on how to effective support for the bill the first 72 No. NAGAWA Designated Community-care personnel of the business of prevention services, facilities and management, as well as preventive care in accordance with the specified community-based care prevention service we are in for the enactment of the ordinance to amend the part of the ordinance.
Also with regard to this ordinance, personnel of the business of the country of the designated community-based preventive care services, effective support of the way standards for for the facilities and management, as well as preventive care in accordance with the specified community-based care prevention service, Act 65 Article and was in accordance with the revision of the 2 term, preventive care small-scale multi-functional home care is, the much more it has become the auditee outside the scope of external evaluation, since it is an item be determined in consideration of the criteria of the country, part of the ordinance it is proposed to amend the.

[For supplementary budget]

For bill of supplementary budget relationship that we have proposed in this regular meeting, I would like to turn your description.
First, Proposal No. 73, with regard to the fiscal 27 year general account revised budget (No. 2) will be happy to explain the main thing.
With regard to expenditure, Niokimashite Affairs expenses, we have recorded a supplementary budget in accordance with the NAGAWA merger 10 anniversary. With regard to the merger 10 anniversary ceremony, but there in the celebration scheduled for next year 2 month 5 date, in which we consider the contents of the commemorative events, it is proposed to carry out the reclassification of the budget.
In addition, in the new building construction business-related, we have recorded a supplementary budget and the like according to the installation of the design tile to the new building by the disabled welfare organizations.
In our health costs, in relation to the next generation vehicle charging infrastructure development promotion business, initially, there was at the installation scheduled for new building, concerning electrical fast charger for the car, change the location to Wada inn station, also, "quince a supplementary budget to install a new rapid charger 2 based on the station Nagato "of we have recorded.
In our agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry costs, we have recorded in the original budget, concerning livestock competitiveness maintenance business subsidy, because the business does not meet the auxiliary reference, we have recorded a supplementary budget to the full amount reduced.
In our commerce and tourism costs, there was in the purchase plan as part of the Blanche alpine ski facility development, with regard to riding mower, because it was decided that forego the purchase of this year, we have recorded a supplementary budget to full reduce the purchase budget .
In our civil engineering costs, increase correction of Furumachi Bridge repair work of the implementation plan in this fiscal year and next fiscal year of 2 year, also, this year, was reduced in full the budget according to the found, four nights Miyanoue line road improvement work in the implementation plan, a new North the supplementary budget and the like according to Furuya Fujimi-cho line-four night 7 line road improvement work we have recorded.
In our educational expenses, we have supplementary budget, then recorded a supplementary budget and the like according to international exchange programs that take advantage of the historical heritage of the historic landscape formation auxiliary.
In addition to these, we have supplementary budget also is recorded in personnel costs associated with the personnel changes of this 4 month.
Then with regard to revenue, we will explain the main contents.
With regard to revenue, but supplementary budget in accordance with the financial resources of each business that we have recorded in the supplementary budget of expenditure has become the main thing, I will describe other supplementary budget of the main ones.
First of all, although it is a subsidy of the government subsidy, due to the construction of the new government building, the budget for transferring the prefectural disaster prevention administrative radio is recorded in the original budget, but regarding this relocation cost, the Nagano Prefecture Municipal Promotion Association Since we can use subsidies, we have posted a supplementary budget for this. Regarding disaster prevention administrative radio transfer in the prefecture, in addition to this subsidy, emergency disaster prevention and mitigation bond debt is also expected to be applicable, so we will record it in the supplementary budget.
Then, there in the property income, repayments of capital due to the dissolution of the Shinshu Forest, also, because it was a thing to be forwarded to organize of Asama foothills Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd., will be recorded a supplementary budget relating to the transfer of shares year.
Regarding the town debt, in addition to the correction of the town debt according to each business, concerning extraordinary financial countermeasures bonds, in accordance with the decision of the ordinary allocation tax for the fiscal 27 year, so that can be issued amount of extraordinary financial countermeasures bonds has been shown, this we were allowed to recorded a supplementary budget in accordance with the.
In addition, we have revised budget also is recorded in accordance with the balance brought forward due to the fiscal 26 year financial results.
Or more, in the whole general accounting, is intended to give me the increase correction of 6885 ten thousand 3 thousand yen, total budget after the correction, it is 64 billion 5795 ten thousand 3 thousand yen.
And continued, bill No. 74 No. Heisei 27 year NAGAWA National Health Insurance special accounts (business accounts) supplementary budget bill from (No. 1) No. 82 No. Heisei 27 year NAGAWA Wada financial ward special accounts supplementary budget (the first 1 we would like your explanation about the special accounts supplementary budget of up to No.).
With regard to the supplementary budget of these special accounts, the correction of the balance carried forward and labor costs associated with the March 26 year financial results we have become a main.
Toshimashite these corrections other than the main ones, water Niokimashite special account, supplementary budget due to the fact that increasingly pay the estimated amount of consumption tax and fund money transferred in accordance with this, according to the supervision commission of Nagato small water-supply improvement projects we were allowed to recorded a supplementary budget.
In our simple drainage facilities special accounts, we have recorded a supplementary budget in accordance with the merger processing purified water tank installed due to house construction.
In addition, In our tourist facilities business special accounts, for carryforwards by March 26 year financial results was less than originally budgeted amount, we have been recorded a supplementary budget in accordance with the Fund Money Transferred due to the reduction correction of the carryforwards.
Although we have been like to describe each proposal that we have tabled to parliament now, For more details during the committee deliberations, I would like an explanation from the person in charge.
We ask for approval of the draft and I will explain the reason for the proposal.