27 June regular meeting, the mayor proposed reason description

Published 2015 years 06 month 12 Date


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
And also a good harvest this year, wishes rice paddy was also stained increasingly blue, green trees also we have become more deeply.
There in the season soon greet the rainy season, within this place where abnormal weather is shouted, originally typhoon season in August of the end of the rainy season, but will be in the image of September, there is at present that this year has already occurred to No. 7 let alone, this typhoon No. 7 is it means that you update the observation history of the earliest record of the Japan Meteorological Agency.
Among such changes in the natural environment, response to the disaster, without neglecting the preparation, there where believes that we must be.
We've held the June regular parliament here today, the continued attendance of all the lawmakers Dear, We would like to thank that you can hold meetings.

[Country of the situation]

By the way, looking at the trend of our country, Prime Minister Abe opened the 2 month in the speech policy speech of the 189 times during the past two years, the economic policy of so-called "three arrows" surely It is said that they are making achievements. As its contents, the number of bankruptcies of small- and medium-sized businesses was low for the first time in 24 last year, and the employment decision-making rate for new graduates is also a high annualization rate exceeding 80% In the "Business Watcher Survey" conducted by the Cabinet Office in Heisei 27 in April, "The economy is on a gradual recovery trend centered on export-related companies, with concerns over price rises etc. There are expectations for the wage increase and foreign market tourism demand, although what is seen is seen. "It seems that the recovery of the economy is gentle but surely recovering.
However, this is the local companies and, Saito among hear the chairman of the story is in the NAGAWA management social gathering that was held recently, not felt as hard to realize what's called economic boom sense referred to in the country, and also anxiety about the future it is that it is not wiped.
In the future, it will be a place where people everyone expects the economic recovery, such as those felt booming economy. Prime Minister Abe came in here, was approved by the Cabinet at an extraordinary cabinet meeting of May 14 date large conversion of the security policy of the country. Although Japan's successive governments has the original right of Article 9 of the Constitution, after the war consistently and legislation of constitutional interpretation to tolerate the exercise of the right of collective self-defense, which has been negated, and the contents of the other countries military assistance by the Self-Defense Forces activities by law amendment to expand in the region, from the fact that the activity area is a global scale, the basic policy of "defense-only policy" that has been through after the war, will be a great transformation to transformation from the root.
In addition, for the exercise acceptance of the right to collective self-defense, in 3 month regular meeting last year in this town council, it is also the place has passed to submit a "written opinion to find the thing you do not want to change the constitutional interpretation."
This time Prime Minister Abe is the first time a speech as Japan's prime minister in the United States (US) Congress House and Senate joint meeting of April, that the cabinet decision after promised this summer establishment of security-related bills among the speech, has appeared form against the US pledge priority, but this problem is not to deny you and all thought to contribute to the security environment and the international community of Japan in recent years, absolutely easily under the current Constitution Article 9 should not be tolerated, it will be a place where a polite explanation to sufficient Diet deliberations and public Nikki believes that or not an absolute requirement.
Well, the situation surrounding the recent local governments, arrival and a full-fledged population decline society, country, such as the serious financial situation through the region, and increased severity, along with the measures to suppress the population decline, population that even under the reduced build a system that provides administrative services sustainably is becoming an urgent issue.
Under such circumstances, along with the curb to the population decline, to correct the excessive concentration of population in the Tokyo metropolitan area, in order to maintain a Japanese society that is vibrant in the future, in the last year 11 month "town, people, work creation Act "was enacted, in the next month 12" town, people, job creation comprehensive strategy "has been developed.
In these circumstances, in even Tomachi, to formulate a comprehensive strategy towards the region creation without delay to the other, along with promoting the regional development with vitality while taking advantage of the features, such as region of the Tomachi, country, province Unlike, because there especially in the most familiar municipality to everyone of the town, self-determination, a variety of efforts to local creation of order to raise the value and appeal of basic to NAGAWA the concept of self-responsibility we would like to continue to promote.

[Business Progress

Well, I got the 27 annual budget passed in the March council.
Also with regard to this year's budget, there in my commitment more by the implementation of the "Nagawa Next Vision (3)" various office work business that has been listed in the "human spirit, the town also healthy" NAGAWA town "uplifting to the keyword we aim to. "
2 months to the end to enter the new year, if you look at the progress of the main business, but you are in for the establishment of "NAGAWA residents autonomy basics regulations" at the beginning, this ordinance is, "resident", "government", "Congress "Make sure their respective roles, and community participation, by determining the fundamental issues pertaining to" cooperation town planning of the work ", will be in the ordinance for aim the realization of an affluent NAGAWA that vitality.
Conducted a study committee of the current two times, there where we have a consultation with me a variety of opinions.
Although we aim to regulations formulated in my now term of office, administrative, as well as Congress, also everyone of the townspeople together, become the basis of "town development of collaboration" to promote the "urban development" in Minna in it we so what, we will continue to conduct a full consultation in the future.
We have been promoted as "measures to halt the decline in population," "municipal housing construction business" is started the business in the five-year plan from fiscal 22 year, but it means that paragraph in this year, the current 7 buildings 60 households we are moving into a house.
With regard to the four-night municipal housing which was completed recently, all households of residents also requires, currently work toward completion of the outside 構工 events will have been made.
Then it is the progress of the large business, regarding the new building construction, the folding of the government building construction committee, which was held other day, but we have visited the site to members of everyone, overall end is foundation work , precursor construction of the concrete part was also largely ended. Currently there where is progressing construction of laminated wood with Japanese larch of NAGAWA production.
With regard to completion, so far as originally planned, you off at the scheduled end of 12 month.
Officer last year has been renewed, but there in the NAGAWA Development Corporation, which became a sail in the new system, the management of this season of Blanche alpine ski area has ended. There is in the results, the number of customers enter a whole season, last year 103%, sales amount there was the result of 109%.
Again January for the cause, the weather of February we believe that or not than have a large impact was a well.
Also with regard to the future, we intend to continue to the staff concerted management efforts.

[Report matter]

There is a project that must be your report here. It is in the "Ishigo Juzo" Letter from "Nobushige Sanada".
The letter, NHK Taiga Drama determines the broadcast of "Sanada Maru", Sanada Yukimura (Yukimura) Toka There is a place of NAGAWA Nagakubo-shuku Honjin, daughter of married to stone when the house Nobushige, "laid" Mr. worried about the future of and, there in a letter addressed to Ishigo Juzo that Shitatame.
This concerning, last year Regarding the general question of 12 month parliament regular meeting, but I was allowed to the answer to the question of "About utilization of Yukimura Sanada public from Ishigo Juzo addressed letter" that was submitted from Tsubasa Miyashita lawmakers, that there is a fact and differences in its contents, because we found is here recently, I would like your explanation to report about it.
There is ask for Yukimura public letter from Miyashita lawmakers, "Yukimura public letter, now, who in Ueda resident is owned. It should be noted that, in stone when the house of Honjin was the amount is carved a letter to the tree we decorate things in the palace of Honjin. with regard to the state of preservation of the letter, in addition to your discussion and towards the owner, we have decided to we would want to make sure. "and answer.
With regard to this letter, we recorded expenses for preparing two replicas in the initial budget for Heisei 27 and approved by Congress, so as soon as we entered in April, those who reside in Ueda City, the owner of the letter I promised to talk with him, promised to borrow on May 8th of consecutive holidays, on the day, the chief of the education section and the chief of charge were borrowed.
Regarding the spot, but I was shown a letter by the owner, the person in charge has been brought, "Osaka Castle Ueda Castle friendship castle alliance anniversary special exhibition - Hideyoshi and Sanada - (Ueda City Museum publication)" has been posted on the noticed that there is a letter copy and differences of destined Ishigo Juzo, was confirmed on the spot, appeared to be Hensho to the letter from Nobuyuki brother is Ueda lord, and that effect will be explained to the owner, because even those of the owner have been kept thinking letter addressed to Ishigo Juzo until now of now, there was in your state that have been very surprised.
Letter addressed to Ishigo Juzo is now has been described as also in various publications, "Ueda resident holdings in the direction of", Toshimashite also Board of Education, this letter has been stored is more of Ueda City resident I think that, you may mean that this time was very surprised, but because there is an error in the answer, you will be the apology and correction.
It should be noted that, for the autograph letter of Nobushige destined Ishigo Juzo, currently, although there where Nikki looking for a location in charge, "Hensho to Nobuyuki" earlier also because it is a letter that is very valuable and very important, circumstances the Please understand, I have been have been borrowed from the owner, for this handling, we would like me to our parliament future, allowed to judge I would like to consult.
We were allowed to correction and your report or more.

[Senketsu Opportunity

So Senketsu draft report 11 matter that we have a proposal to the parliament now, correction budget 2, and conclusion of the contract proposal 3, with regard to all 16 projects, we will be sequentially explained.
Regarding the first ordinance amendment, government Ordinance on local tax laws, as well as the law is passed established in the first 189 ordinary session of the Diet, is promulgated as Heisei 27 year law No. 2 with a fiscal 31 years March 27 date, effective April 1 since it has been, we were allowed to amended by Senketsu disposal.
Report No. 13 Senketsu No. 2 will be the enactment of the ordinance to amend the part of the ordinance to amend the part of the NAGAWA tax regulations and NAGAWA tax ordinance, Toshimashite major amendments, tax of fixed asset tax and the extension of the adjustment measures of the burden, it is proposed according to a review of 1-year extension and a special measure of application start time of the light vehicle tax.
Report With regard to the ordinance to amend the part of the 14 No. Senketsu No. 3 NAGAWA National Health Insurance tax regulations, it is related to the expansion of the revision and mitigation of the regulations associated with the revision of the tax limit.
Next, we have I would like your explanation regarding the fiscal 27 year March 31 date Senketsu No. report we have a disposal 15 Senketsu No. 4 March 26 year NAGAWA general account revised budget (No. 9).
In revenue, local transfer tax, each grant, the local allocation tax, correction due to the determination of contributions and subsidies from the government and the prefecture, the correction of the local government bonds has become the main thing.
Of these, in the relationship of the local allocation tax, along with the establishment of the country for the fiscal 26 year supplementary budget, at the time of the original calculation of the ordinary allocation tax, the revival of the reduction has been adjustments from the reference financial needs have been made. For this reason, usually issued tax has become the increase.
With regard to the special local allocation tax, from the fact that the amount of the March issue amount has been determined, we were allowed to correction in accordance with the grant amount.
With regard to expenditures, it will be a correction relating to what has brought about the change after the compilation of the supplementary budget, which we have submitted to the fiscal year 27 March regular parliament. With regard to these corrections, such as the correction of the business involved in the aid business and municipal bonds of countries and provinces, correction due to the liquidation of various office work business it is becoming the main thing.
Of these, in the general affairs costs, and we decided the fund reserves, we have recorded a supplementary budget to carry out the funding of 100 million yen to the financial adjustment fund.
Then, there in relation to the correction of the carry-over Akiramoto costs, business related to "system repair consignment due to the number system", regional economic circulation creative business grants related to "Dattan soba restaurants shop construction", in March supplementary budget we understand you're recognized, "tourism, disaster prevention, Wi-Fi station improvement project", we have new to add a "town-people, job creation business", "consumption stimulate premium gift certificate business" according to the local creation It was.
Besides this, regarding the land purchase cost related to the town-housed housing construction project and the cost of the town-housed housing construction including the external construction work, etc., please change the carried forward cost.
In the whole general accounting becomes a correction increase of 1 billion 5183 ten thousand 1 thousand yen, total budget after the correction, it is 59 billion 9555 ten thousand 1 thousand yen.
General Accounting and I was also allowed to Senketsu disposed of in fiscal 26 year March 31 date, from the "Report No. 16 No. Senketsu No. 5, March 26 year NAGAWA National Health Insurance special accounts supplementary budget (No. 5)" " report No. 23 No. Senketsu first 12 No. Heisei 26 year NAGAWA tourist facilities business special accounts supplementary budget with regard to the supplementary budget of each special account of (No. 5) ", the general account as well as the correction due to the liquidation of various office work business it becomes the main thing.

[Supplementary budget]

And continued, with regard to the "Proposal No. 50 No. Heisei 27 year NAGAWA general account revised budget (No. 1)", I would like to briefly describes the main content.
Town in the general affairs costs relationship, Administrative Appeal Act was promulgated amendment, along with the My number system supplementary budget in accordance with the development of the town Reiki due to be effective from April 1, 28 years, which is available from next year 1 month begins a supplementary budget in accordance with the development Reiki we have recorded.
In addition, there is also my commitment, we were allowed to recorded a supplementary budget in accordance with the construction and the introduction and operation of the evaluation system according to the thing and has become personnel evaluation system to full-scale implementation from also April 28 years in those countries .
With regard to these supplementary budget, if the original, but we are those originally should be recorded in the budget, by the implementation of the contents examination of personnel evaluation system in Tomachi, it has become and to be recorded in this time of the supplementary budget It was. Future because we intend to smitten efforts so that there is no such a thing, thank you.
In the general affairs costs, on the other, moved their base of life from urban areas in disadvantaged areas, such as rural areas, live in the region, support and of economic development projects in the area of ​​development and sales · PR such as regional brands and local products, agriculture and forestry engaging in water industry, while the regional cooperation activities such as life support of residents, we have supplementary budget also was recorded related to "economic development projects in the area cooperation Volunteers" to achieve a settlement and fixed to the area.
In addition, with regard to this project, from the fact that there is a fiscal measures due to special local allocation tax, keep revenue, we have supplementary budget of special local allocation tax is also to be recorded.
In the Chamber of Commerce and Industry cost relationship, we have recorded a supplementary budget in accordance with the town Development Corporation support. With regard to support for the town Development Corporation, established the "NAGAWA Promotion Agency Promotion Fund" to the fiscal 26 year, but we are lending and repayment in the fiscal year, was shown in August 26 years "third the guidelines "for management soundness of such sector, there is also a strong leadership of the country and counties, it revised the method according to this short-term loan, so that it is possible to carry out long-term loans, it is proposed to ask the correction of the budget. Reversed the full amount of NAGAWA Promotion Agency Promotion Fund, we have recorded a budget to spend as loans.
In the educational expenses, we have as a fall-prevention measures of suspended ceiling, etc. of school facilities, then recorded a supplementary budget in accordance with the acoustic reflection panel removal, etc. of Wada Elementary School gymnasium. With regard to this work, we have a government subsidy and national disaster prevention business debt is recorded in the supplementary budget of revenue as financial resources.
With regard to revenue, in addition to the revenue that we are allowed to described in the annual expenditure relationship, we have recorded a supplementary budget in accordance with the social capital development General grants I am allowed recorded in the national treasury disbursements. Heisei but 27 year worth grant amount of unofficial announcement was shown, because the unofficial amount than originally budgeted amount has become the reduction, will be a supplementary budget in accordance with the reduction of subsidies.
In addition, we have recorded also to supplementary budget in accordance with the increase of town bonds corresponding to the amount of the write-down.
Correction amount is 1 billion 2910 million and total budget after the correction will be 63 billion 8910 million.
Then, with regard to the "Proposal No. 51 No. Heisei 27 year NAGAWA tap special accounts supplementary budget (No. 1)", I would like your explanation.
This correction, the correction budget according to the Nagato small water-supply improvement work it is those main. Simple water but unofficial amount of state subsidies according to the present project has been shown, because the unofficial amount than originally budgeted amount had become reduced, and the supplementary budget relating to the reduction of grants, which corresponds to the amount of the write-down the corporate bonds and depopulation measures industrial bonds we have recorded a supplementary budget in accordance with the increase of the general accounting Money Transferred to financial resources.

[Contract proposal]

Next, with regard to the proposals relating to the conclusion of the contract, we would like your explanation. Contract projects that we have proposed in this Parliament is a 3.
First, Proposal No. 52 for "Heisei 27 year Nagakubo conclusion of the inn save maintenance business Nagakubo Yadokyu Hatago Malchijah save maintenance construction contract," we would like your explanation.
With regard to this project, in the old Nakasendo Nagakubo-shuku, to repair and maintenance, etc. the Hatago construction of buildings of bygone days which became Kazusukunaku, improve the utilization as an AC facilities and rest facilities and townspeople of those who visited the post town There are in the business. Carried out the detailed design in fiscal 26 year, it is proposed that the construction of the construction work in this fiscal year. The financial resources of the business, we plan to allocate the social capital development General grants and depopulation measures industrial bonds.
Proposal No. 53 With regard to the "Heisei 27 year Blanche alpine conclusion of the ski resort snow machine purchase agreement" and Proposal No. 54 "Heisei 27 year patrol conclusion of the bus purchase agreement", respectively, of the aging snow machine and tour bus update are those relating to, the depopulation measures industrial bonds in the snow machine purchase, the tour bus purchase is scheduled to be appropriated each merger special bonds.
That is with regard to contract projects of 3 or more, by the "ordinance related to the acquisition or disposal of contract and property to be subjected to a vote of Nagawa town council", since the projects requiring the resolution of the parliament, I was allowed proposed in this Congress it is in.
Although the report projects and proposals that we have proposed in this regular meeting, but I was allowed to an overview, when is your deliberation For details, so I would like an explanation from each person in charge, the continued approval of the draft and now I would like, I do as a description of the proposed reasons.

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