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The mayor proposed reason description (2)

Published 2015 years 03 month 03 Date

[Heisei 27 year budget Summary

○ General account budget
With regard to the initial budget for the fiscal year 27, general accounting 62 billion 6 million yen, the sum of the special account 9 accounting becomes 27 billion 6775 million and the total came to 90 billion 2775 million. With regard to general accounting, increase of when you compared to the fiscal 26 initial budget for fiscal amount 8 billion 8000 million and became the increase in 16.4% in the rate. Special accounting write-down of the will and 26 thousand yen compared with fiscal 151 initial budget for fiscal amount, making it a reduction of 0.1% in the rate.
First, we will describe the contents of the general account original budget. With regard to a one of the 10 items that were listed in the pledge it has been listed in the "promotion of the rich and the administrative and financial reform of administrative services", "construction of a new building that is familiar to residents", new building construction, which started construction from March 26 year business will be completed in the fiscal year 27. Increased 27 billion 8 yen for the fiscal 8000 initial budget for fiscal amount, the budget in accordance with the new building construction has become a major factor.
In addition, the commitment in, in "making the city by utilizing the tourism resources" is recorded Blanche alpine ski area designated management fees, the budget also great positioning for the "promotion of tourism by taking advantage of the natural hot springs, ski resorts" It has become a.
In the other items, first but is a relationship of "the enactment of the residents self-government basics regulations", such as in the field of regulations review committee, which was launched in March 26 year, we will proceed with preparations for the enactment of the ordinance.
In the "measures to halt the decline of the population", concerning municipal housing construction, which has been under construction in the planning of 22 year from fiscal 5 year, fiscal 27 year, the effect and the like according to the demographics of housing construction up to now validated, we have decided to continue to examine the plan in the future. In addition, the fiscal 26 began from year, also performed continue for auxiliary for marriage promotion business such as matchmaking events that the town of organizations do, we will strive to promote marriage activities.
In the context of "child care support", by promoting the further improvement of child care support center, which was opened in March 26 year, for child-rearing generation of everyone, we will continue to promote measures such as a better facility. In addition, 18 years of medical expenses free of you are doing than the past, we will implement continue for the high school school expenses subsidies.
In the "town development with turnout that utilize tourism resources", it will perform trail running and whiskey festival, held such as time-lapse, an auxiliary of the events held to implementing bodies to become town tourism association of various events.
In addition, as the use of historical and cultural heritage of the post station, etc., carried out the old Hatago Malchijah save maintenance business of the inn Nagakubo, will continue to be able to take advantage as the attractions of the inn Nagakubo. In addition, we will work to renewal carried out the renovation of the black 耀石 experience museum exhibition room more than opening after 10 years has elapsed.
In the "measures to perk the town of industry", stated the budget according to the Blanche alpine ski, etc., the budget and the like according to the home center renovation, we will strive to stable management of NAGAWA Development Corporation.
In addition, an auxiliary for a home renovation "house comfortable promotion furtherance business", will continue to implement the "Regional lively ticket business." In addition, with regard to the "whole Nagawa," which had opened on the aim of unification of the town of information originating Internet in fiscal 25 year, it continues, performs the management and operation of the site, information dissemination to all the world for such as the town of tourism resources and industrial we will perform the.
In addition to this, Egomaabura, as equipment maintenance of order to achieve the commercialization of sunflower oil, fiscal 27 year to buy the essential oil machine, in addition to promote the development of new specialty products, integration of processing and sale of agricultural production and, as efforts to 6 following industrialization to promote the creation of new industries that utilize local resources, we will continue to implement continued business utilizing 6 following industry network business promotion of the prefecture.
In "Making the city friendly to life underdog", we will continue to implement measures that everyone of the elderly can live with peace of mind. Continue to implement Council of Social Welfare and has been carried out in cooperation, "the elderly support business", in order to improve the living environment of the elderly "housing improvement promotion business-friendly elderly", the "meal delivery service business," etc. and it will come.
"Enhancement of the medical system to be able to live in peace", "I want to live, charming town development you want to continue to live" in the relationship, contributions in accordance with the operating expenses of the order to enhance Yoda recess hospitals and Yoda recess health center for the elderly, Ueda holiday-night medical system be implemented as a business related to regional interjurisdictional and Ueda regional autonomous settlement zones concept, weekday late-night home on-duty doctor, the budget recorded a contribution of expenses related to the pediatric emergency centers, etc., efforts to enhance the medical system we will.
Examples of the "attractive town development", in terms of town planning that utilize natural energy, we will continue to implement the assistance in accordance with the residential solar power generation system installed. In addition, in order to promote the eco-town development, and place the car rapid charger in new building on site.
In addition, in order to promote a strong town development for disaster, but we began in earnest a voluntary disaster prevention organization development than fiscal 26 year, Heisei 27 year also continued, we have formed a voluntary disaster prevention organization to local residents, for the required supplies, etc. in their voluntary disaster prevention organization, we will perform the purchase and subsidies. In addition to this performs the purchase of disaster prevention equipment that is required in the event of a disaster, we will promote the development to allow a thorough corresponding to the time of a disaster. In addition, performs the printing and distribution etc. of sediment disaster hazard map, we will strive to well-known such as disaster hazard.
In the "development of educational environment that students can learn in peace", lecturer by the town costs to elementary and junior high schools, by placing the hearts of counselors and school counselors, etc., make the fine education to students, local treasure children will continue to develop to create an environment for going healthily growing up is. In addition, it performs a suspended ceiling dismantling such as elementary school gymnasium, and implement measures that children can safely send the school life.
Or more, in the expenditure for the fiscal 27 year general account original budget, but I was let me describe the main business of 10 items that were listed in the pledge, also with regard to the budget in accordance with the other office business, improvement of services to residents you are those that can not be lacking in so, thank you.
Then, we will describe the main thing of the revenue.
With regard to the town tax, it was expected to 0.3 billion 6 ten thousand 9634 thousand yen, an increase of 4% from the previous year. Because for the townsman tax, but economic conditions due to the economic policy of the government had been expected to turn around, that by the sluggish economy due to the consumption tax hike in April last year, is in the situation it is difficult to anticipate the increase in revenue, the previous fiscal year we expected the same amount with.
Corporation tax, property tax, light vehicle tax, was expected to almost the same amount as well as the previous year for the tobacco tax.
With regard to the local allocation tax, it was expected to 0.2 billion 25 yen, a decrease of 1000% from the previous year. The breakdown is usually grant tax 23 billion 6000 million and a special allocation tax is 1 billion 5000 million.
With regard to the ordinary allocation tax, reduction of 1000 thousand yen from the previous fiscal year, it was made to 0.4% decrease in the rate. Lehman shock, introduced separate frame added as an emergency measure for the local financial resources secured, we have continued to the reduced order was to be reduced to the fiscal 26 year.
On the other hand, the special allocation tax increase of yen 500, was an increase of 3.4% in the rate. This is due to an increase in the likelihood of the business, which is funding measures in special local allocation tax. (※ cost of water required for the special accounting method optimization, cost, etc. required for the harmful birds and beasts extermination)
With regard to the fund money transferred, Toshimashite money transferred from the "financial adjustment fund", 1 billion 5000 yen of 3 billion 5000 yen increase from the previous year, Toshimashite money transferred from the "public facility development fund", 2 billion 5100 yen from the previous fiscal year 3 billion 9400 yen of increase, 6000 yen the money transferred from the "hometown creation Fund", the money transferred 2455 ten thousand 2 thousand yen from "wired broadcasting facility improvement funds" to the financial resources of the independent broadcasting equipment repair business recorded I was allowed to.
Machisai was expected 2 billion 540 yen the depopulation measures industrial bonds in accordance with the road improved relationship, fire fighting facilities, cultural heritage facilities, ski facilities and software businesses. In the ski resort facilities related to the addition of depopulation measures industrial bonds, we expect even public enterprises bonds 2200 million.
"Merger special bonds" is expected to 6 billion 1110 yen in the government office building construction and patrol bus purchase relationship, as town bonds in accordance with the suspended ceiling removal, such as elementary school gymnasium, we have recorded a national disaster prevention corporate bonds 2370 million.
In addition, we expect 1 billion 6700 yen the extraordinary financial countermeasures bonds to be issued as a transfer worth of local allocation tax.
○ special account budget
Next, the special account from the bill the first 18 No. Heisei 27 year NAGAWA National Health Insurance special accounts until the bill first 27 No. Heisei 27 year NAGAWA Wada financial ward special accounts budget, we will be explained.
It is the first in the "National Health Insurance special accounts," but, initially budget has become a 1700 billion 8 yen of 7400 thousand yen increase compared with the previous fiscal year.
With regard to revenue, the national health insurance tax, but such as medical benefits subsidies has become a reduction, joint business grant to be expanded from March 27 year to all of the medical expenses, a significant increase when compared to the previous fiscal year you have.
In the expenditure, but medical benefits expenses for the general insured with regard to the medical benefit costs has become a increase, medical benefits expenses in retirement insured has become reduced.
In addition, as well as the increase of joint venture grant of revenue, due to be expanded from March 27 year to all of the medical expenses, insurance finance joint stabilization business contributions also has become a big increase.
Regarding "National Health Insurance dental clinic business special accounts" includes, but is there in the accounting according to the medical fee, we were allowed to the budget of 100 thousand yen to be a reduction of 2100 thousand yen from the previous fiscal year.
With regard to the "late elderly medical care special accounts", the budget is becoming 8000 ten thousand next, and the reduction of 200 thousand yen from the previous fiscal year.
Special collection premium of latter-stage elderly medical insurance premiums in revenue, reduction of the latter-stage elderly medical care late Union payments in the annual expenditure will be in the main increase factor.
With regard to the "long-term care insurance special accounts" is, I was allowed to the 5200 billion 9 yen budget of 2700 thousand yen reduction from the previous year.
In revenue, insurance premiums, but we expect to increase, national and prefectural contributions of in accordance with the long-term care benefit costs, nursing care payment grants from the Social Insurance Medical Fee Payment Fund, and the money transferred is deducted from the general accounting, etc. it now has.
In expenditure, insurance benefit costs are greatly reduced. Although it is the budget amount based on the 6 term nursing care insurance business plan, it is due to the decrease of the in-home care service benefit expenses, the facility nursing care service benefit expense, the specified elderly care service cost etc.
With regard to the "Dowa district residential new construction funds loan special account" is, fiscal 27 year budget is a yen 125, it becomes a reduction of 41 thousand yen from the previous fiscal year.
Reduction of the loan principal and interest income has become a major cause of the reduction.
With regard to the "water special account" is, fiscal 27 year budget is a 2 billion 6600 yen, making it the increase of 3000 thousand yen from the previous fiscal year.
Because you have recorded a budget according to the Nagato small water-supply improvement work to be conducted between March 27 from FY 28 year, money transferred from the general account, the construction costs related to in the annual expenditure has become a increase in revenue.
In addition, although the current of small water-supply business is a public company method is not applicable business, it must be migrated to the corporate accounting of law apply. For this reason, has been preparing the work from March 25 year, fiscal 27 year, (conducted between March 27 from FY 28 year) Construction of corporate accounting system, the Local Public Enterprise Law optimization support to carry out the development of enterprise management provisions We will implement the business.
With regard to "specific environmental protection public sewer business accounting" is, fiscal 27 year budget is a 4 billion 4700 yen, making it the increase of 500 thousand yen from the previous fiscal year.
In fiscal 27 year budget, we are planning the construction from March 28 year, we have recorded a budget in accordance with the human waste treatment facilities.
In the expenditure, the budget according to the preferred design of the facility construction, in the revenue, from treatment with Aoki village of human waste is also to build facilities, we expect some of the costs of implementation designed as a contribution.
In addition, in the annual expenditure, subsequent to the fiscal year 26, Nagato water treatment center we have budget also is recorded in accordance with the long-life plan.
"Simple drainage facilities special accounts", with regard to the "tourist facilities business special accounts", we have almost the same amount of budget and the previous year's initial budget.
Although now I said the budget overview of the general account and special accounts, fiscal 27 year will be the year of the milestone that marks the 10 th year through the merger.
Based on the fundamental strengths that have been accumulated up to now, still further, we would like to be NAGAWA is further shine continued year of a further step to evolve as NAGAWA now.
One calculation the start of the local allocation tax from the fiscal 28 year, re-pulling, etc. of the consumption tax rate, which has been forthcoming, the town based on the situation that is facing a major turning point, while accurately grasp the trend of the times, all staff work together, we need to promote the town government.
Town government is the most familiar presence for your residents, along with the show the way to the hope of the residents, we believe it to have it above all necessary to play a role for to be able to live in peace.
By doing so, step by step to the realization of "uplifting town !! NAGAWA", we are confident that moving forward steadily in.

[Supplementary budget Summary

Main Following we have from the bill the first 28 No. Heisei 26 year NAGAWA general account revised budget (No. 7) of the supplementary budget of up to bill the 38 No. Heisei 26 year NAGAWA Wada financial ward special accounts supplementary budget (No. 2) I would like to describe things.
Toshimashite this time of the supplementary budget of the main ones, Toshimashite business in accordance with the country supplementary budget for the fiscal 26 year, we have recorded a "tourism and disaster prevention Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) Station Improvement Project". This business is, or such as residents and tourists to gather information on the Internet to the disaster or the like, is intended to tourists, such as visiting the town to be able to deliver the information in the region. Funding is scheduled for state subsidies and town bonds.
In the context of the government building construction projects, because the project cost for the fiscal year 26 content has been almost finalized, we have recorded a supplementary budget in accordance with the project cost and financial resources. Along with this, we also ask the correction of the ongoing costs.
In addition, it is Malchijah save maintenance work, although originally scheduled had scheduled to be carried out in 26 year for the fiscal 27 year and fiscal 2 year, design skill in the art building damage survey at the time of the Nagano Prefecture, northern earthquake of last year 11 month by involved in, in order to delay the design had occurred, performs the implementation design in the fiscal 26 year, we were allowed to change the plan to implement the construction work in March 27 year. For this reason, we have recorded a supplementary budget to full reduce the construction costs for the fiscal year 26.
With regard to the other of the supplementary budget, counting organize already associated with the liquidation of the business, which has been completed, the correction due to the liquidation prospects such as operating expenses, compensation becomes a main thing in accordance with the pay-out money and fund reserves to other accounting cage you.
In the entire general accounting, is intended to give me a reduction correction of 4123 ten thousand 7 thousand yen, the total amount after the correction, it is 57 billion 9536 ten thousand 8 thousand yen.
In addition, Toshimashite carried forward business to fiscal 27 year, we ask you to 4 business there you land purchase business and residential construction business and Arisaka Takeishi line road improvement work, Takayama Himeki line road improvement work in the municipal housing-related business.
Proposal With regard to the special account supplementary budget of up to Proposal No. 29 from No. 37, the correction due to the liquidation and performance expected due to the completion of the project will be the main content.
It should be noted that the bill with regard to the first 29 issue National Health Insurance special accounts supplementary budget, the correction amount has become a reduction of about 5600 million and this is, medical benefits grants in revenue, high medical expenses joint project grant , reduction of insurance finance joint stabilization project grant is becoming the main thing. With regard to the expenditure, a reduction in medical benefits costs and high medical expenses has become the main thing.
With regard to the bill the first 32 No. nursing care insurance special accounts supplementary budget, it has become a increase of about 4800 million. This relates to the performance or the like of nursing care services, in the revenue money transferred, in the expenditure we have recorded in the supplementary budget of the insurance benefit expenses.
Proposal With regard to the first 34 No. tap special accounts supplementary budget, but has become a reduction of about 1500 million and water repairs, reduction of land surveying business in accordance with the Wada small water-supply improvement project is becoming the main thing. I was allowed to an explanation about what the Lord more than supplementary budget.

Other proposals description]

And continued, from Proposal No. 39 to Proposal No. 42, you are in for the specified designated administrator, but NAGAWA promote exchange center -, station direct sale place of road NAGAWA, NAGAWA Dattan buckwheat processing direct sales facility, Regarding each of the facilities of NAGAWA museum "Hatano", from the fact that a specified period of time in this 3 last day of the month is finished, it is proposed to ask the approval of the designation of the specified administrator was based on the local Government Act.
For the abolition of the bill the first 43 issue the town road line, and regard to the certification of the bill the first 44 issue the town road line, we have been to make a proposal to the modification of road ledger and local differences in the town.
A proposal first 45 No. Nagano Prefecture towns and villages impartial committee is in the number of increase and Terms of change of local governments to co-located.
With regard to this ordinance amendment, and that the newly subscribed CITIC regional towns and villages traffic disaster mutual aid office union from March 27 years 4 month 1 days in Nagano Prefecture, impartial committee, of the ordinance by the name change of the Tohoku Shin municipal traffic disaster mutual aid office work association There in the amendment.
Last but not, you are in for it to give up part of the rights pertaining to the bill the first 46 No. Ueda area interjurisdictional Furusato Fund.
上田地域広域連合ふるさと基金は、上小地域の一体的発展を目指した事業を展開し、個性的で魅力ある地域づくりを目的として造成され、過去にも権利放棄を経る中で地域貢献のためにIt has been devoted to the financial support and the like. This time, it is proposed to allocate reversal of fund to be appropriated to the continuing operations of the Nagano Prefecture Kamico medical district regional medical rehabilitation plan to be implemented in fiscal year 27.
Although we have been like to describe each proposal that we have tabled to parliament now, For more details during the committee deliberations, I would like an explanation from the person in charge.
We ask for approval of the draft and I will explain the reason for the proposal.

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