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Published 2015 years 03 month 03 Date


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
1 month, and will enter the 2 month from the cold of 3 month, and now it means that "Sankanshion", became the time this can be felt a warm and become, early spring of breath every week.
Today, March 27 years 3 where we convene the month Congress, that you can look forward to opening your attendance of lawmakers all, I would like to thank.
Last year Nagano prefecture, but it was many years of disaster, heavy snowfall of 100 month which is said to be once in 2 year if you were there at the beginning.
.... Even Tomachi, in the amount of the absence of record snow that you have ever experienced that Yoda recess 77 centimeters in front of the South Fire Station, not only the damage in everyday life, many victims of agricultural pipe house such as agriculture facility, the country There was in the context of a corresponding to take the lead.
I, opening Upon actual congressional regular meeting, each time but you will be a description of the proposed reasons for regular meetings, where greetings at the beginning 1 year, heavy snow disaster and Nagiso-machi, Hiroshima landslides,, northern Nagano Prefecture all such gods fault earthquake we have been to talk about the disaster in.
According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, in the situation of 1 moon, the El Niño phenomenon is going to end, and although the uncertainty of the prediction is high even though it is high in the future, it is not going to be close to the normal reference value toward the summer It seems to be forecasting that it is going to Heisei 27 year and I am hoping that all disasters will not occur this year, this year 1 year.

[Country of trends and its corresponding]

Well, you look at the national and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at a press conference of the New Year, "the Japanese by 15 years lasted deflation has lost a big self-confidence, and be sure to play the Japanese economy to recover this confidence, from the Great East Japan Earthquake of reconstruction, regeneration of education, reform of social security, rebuilding of diplomatic and security, we still want to put the force, such as the local creation "and stated its belief. And, it is currently opening in the ordinary Diet session is referred to as a "reform resolutely Parliament", including agricultural cooperatives reform, we are working on various reform.
In addition, since the prime minister took office, but we have driven the national politics at the center of economic policy of abenomics, if you look at the current situation, the Bank of Japan has been the implementation for the economy of the raise in the monetary easing policy, leading as a result companies and, it seems the recovery of the economy, especially in urban areas can be seen, we not Kanjitore as hard to realize that it is in a rural location, we feel that or not is the urban and rural gap is expanding .
Book "capital of 21 century" will have caused a controversy in the world Mr. French economist Thomas Piketty also, "raising such as economic policy and preferential tax and consumption tax that Prime Minister Abe is recommended is, in urban areas center to concentrate profits to large corporations and the wealthy, have not been reducing its profit to young people for the next generation, excessive disparities it has said to have "caused.
Under such circumstances, if you look at the budget of the current fiscal year of the country, to eliminate the center over-concentration of the population, also is possible that listed the "local creation" for the purpose of decentralization as an important measure, the local for it is said of it's budget for the financial importance.
Toshimashite also the town, so as not to miss in this trend of the country, we believe that we must promote the town administration.
As one, the office in charge of the "local creation" measures installed in the Strategy and Finance inside of a section, we will devote staff.
Comprehensive planning and population reduction measures in this engagement, the center and the development of the local version of a comprehensive strategy, quickly as a town to the strategy of the country, we want to set up for the purpose of going to fine-grained correspondence.
In addition, in the declining birthrate field indicated by the reform of the social security system of the country, declining birthrate, child, child care support measures, in order to all of the children to grow healthy, early childhood from before birth, until after school consistently without a break in, we define that there is to guarantee a high-quality training environment.
Was opened in last year 11 month even in the current Town, the "child care support center" as a base, nursery school, but we have to promote the child care support in cooperation with the health center, more strongly this child care support, will promote more stable Therefore, future maternal and child health, child care support, in place in view of the installation of integral child care support section of child welfare, also in the "child, child care support system", which is full-scale implementation from fiscal 27 years 4 month 1 Date in order to develop the office system along with, we would like to set up a child care support and engaged with the new fiscal year the Board of Education in.
Toshimashite also the town as above, we intend to continue to quickly respond without miss the measures with an emphasis on decentralization of the country.

[Junior high school integration problem]

Well, but it is a junior high school integration issues, in the Board of Education, district guardian meeting Wada, likewise, Wada district residents meeting and, we listen to your questions or comments held a Nagato district residents meeting.
To have received this thing, in the town, about the direction in which the Board of Education was launched, we have carried out a townsman questionnaire survey in order to confirm the intention of townspeople everyone.
The results of the questionnaire survey, as an indication of the will of the people, 62.4% is "in favor", in favor if anything is "18.5%", that people of 80.9% to match showed its intention of favor, still respecting there one must, however, does not Mairi is to say that the conclusion of the results only in the integration problem of this questionnaire. From our side that we received our survey, so many valuable opinions, and requests were received.
I, this asked opinions and requests, and, believed to be determined with respect also minority opinion that was issued, set up a study council junior high school integration problem in December last year, junior high school integration by the relationship everyone we have received for your consideration of the issue.
And, we received a report from the chairman of the Council in this February 27, and "should be integrated from the conclusion that it is desirable that a given population scale is ensured in the junior high school."
Council opinions and that we have carried out until now, based on the results of the survey, in which more comprehensive judge the report or the like in the council, I we decided to make a decision that there should be integration It was.
Now to your description to Congress during the Congress, if As you for your understanding, the future, such as the consultation regarding. Ueda, we would like to continue preparing for the integration.

[Bill Description

So we will be the explanation for the bill, which has decided to propose to the parliament now.
Introduction Although reporting will be No. 5, regard that in determining the amount of damages, it will be an accident belonging to the town of obligation, about what were the damages, by the rules of the Local Government Act 180 Article 1 term, this it is those that report.
Proposal No. 1
We are in for the enactment of the ordinance to amend the part of the NAGAWA administrative procedures regulations. With regard to this, along with the issue of the "Act for Partial Revision of the Administrative Procedure Act", it will be a revision of the regulations for the operation along the added regulations.
Proposal No. 2
We are in for the enactment of the ordinance to amend the part of the Ordinance on salary of NAGAWA general staff of staff. Regarding the revision of this ordinance, but was also happy to talk on the last day of the previous month 12 Parliament, and in the revision of the salary due to a comprehensive review of the salary system for civil servants.
Proposal No. 3
We are in for the enactment of the ordinance to amend the part of the ordinance relating to travel expenses of NAGAWA staff, but there in the amendment for the extension of time to freeze the payment of per diem and table charge of the staff of the travel expenses.
Proposal No. 4
We are in for the enactment of the ordinance to amend the part of the NAGAWA flood Council ordinance. With regard to this amendment, because the changes of the quote provisions in the regulations in accordance with the revision of the flood-fighting method, you may cause in the revision of the ordinance to respond to that.
Proposal No. 5
The enactment of the ordinance to amend the part of the Ordinance on NAGAWA welfare and healthcare benefits, for the welfare and healthcare, will be the ordinance amendment of the town due to the abolition of income restrictions due to the age of the person with a disability classification.
Proposal No. 6
We are in for the enactment of regulations that set standards for the implementation of NAGAWA comprehensive support business, but the regulations that set standards for the implementation of NAGAWA comprehensive support services associated with the enforcement of the 3 following decentralization law, etc. depends on the country. " it is intended to newly enacted.
Proposal No. 7
We are in for the enactment of the ordinance to amend the part of the NAGAWA National Health Insurance tax regulations. For the National Health Insurance accounting town that has become a lack of resources, but we have been supplemented with non-statutory carried over and the like from the reversal and the general accounting of the Fund held, the increase in health care costs, and taxable income due to the worsening of the economic situation due to the decrease, it has decided an advisory from the prediction that revenue also in the future become the situation of shortage of large, for the revision of the national Health insurance tax to NAGAWA national Health insurance management council. For this advisory concerning this ordinance amendment, because we received the report, it will be a partial revision of the ordinance to amend the tax rates of the National Health Insurance tax have received this report.
Proposal No. 8
The enactment of the ordinance to amend the part of the ordinance that defines the criteria for designation of NAGAWA Designated Community-Based Service Provider and the designated Community-Based Service for Preventive Long
Proposal No. 9
NAGAWA specified community-service personnel of the business, for the enactment of the ordinance to amend the part of the regulations that set standards concerning facilities and management
Proposal No. 10
NAGAWA personnel of the business of Designated Community-Based Preventive Long-Term Care Service, to amend the part of the regulations that set standards on how to effective support for preventive care in accordance with the facilities and operation as well as the Designated Community-Based Preventive Service of Long-Term Care for the enactment of the ordinance, Izure even if there in the revision of the regulations associated with the enforcement of the 3 following decentralization law, etc. of the country, for a change in the cited provisions in the regulations occurs, the revision of the regulations to respond to the thing it is in.
Proposal No. 11
The enactment of regulations that set standards on how to effective support for preventive care in accordance with the NAGAWA designated care prevention support such as personnel of the business and operations, as well as designated care prevention support, etc., this is also the first 3 following decentralization This ordinance associated with the enforcement of the law, etc., but it is intended to newly enacted an ordinance rather than a partial revision.
Proposal No. 12
We are in for the enactment of the ordinance to amend the part of the NAGAWA nursery ordinance. The revision of this ordinance, due to that the "fundamental responsibility is parents with parenting" child care support system that comes into force from this 4 month one day, implementation of childcare by the revision of the Child Welfare Law Article 24 for reference, it is proposed to revise the notation in the ordinance in order was to be amended to those specified by a Cabinet Office Ordinance.
Proposal No. 13
But the is it about the enactment of the ordinance to amend the part of the ordinance related to extended day care, regard even this ordinance amendment, change and change the guardians of the segment associated with that child rearing support system is in force from this 4 month 1 day There in the revision of the change of classification of the extended day care by.
Proposal No. 14
It is in with the enactment of the ordinance with related to certification of the need for NAGAWA childcare. With the enactment of the Children's child care support system method to abolish the ordinance on the implementation of NAGAWA childcare, it is proposed that newly enacted this ordinance. For more information about the contents of the ordinance, by reason of labor such as parents, it will be the enactment of the ordinance that defines the need for certification standards for child care.
Proposal No. 15
NAGAWA but we are in for the enactment of regulations to define the specific educational and child care facilities and specific regional type of childcare business user burden, etc., with regard to this ordinance, with the enactment of the Children's child care support method, to use the current nursery school not only the case, kindergarten, certified children Gardens, in the enactment of the ordinance to determine the user's burden for the case to use the family child care business.
Proposal No. 16
We are in for the enactment of the ordinance to amend the part of the NAGAWA school consultation committee ordinance. With regard to this amendment, it is proposed that the required amendment from the fact that there is a need to keep in mind for a consistent educational support from the early to the students, such as a "failure.
Proposal No. 17
About Heiseiki 27 fiscal year Nagato cho general accounting budget.

[Heisei 27 year budgeting of basic policy]

We will describe the basic policy of the beginning in fiscal 27 year budgeting.
In the country, in the "basic policy 2014 of Economic and Fiscal Management and Reform", in light of the progress of the "economic recovery for the local financial and administrative, to proceed to switch to peacetime mode from the crisis response mode after the Lehman shock ."It has been with.
It is intended to return the measures that have been made to temporary, exceptional as economic stimulus measures after the Lehman shock in normal measures, when the management of the local government finance, it is proposed a big impact.
In addition, in a situation in which prolonged the downturn in the economy due to the consumption tax hike of last year 4 month, re-pulling Heisei 27 year from 10% of the consumption tax rate, which had been scheduled for March 8 years 10 month to 29% it has decided to be postponed until 4 month.
Under such circumstances, the country when the fiscal 27 year budgeting, in order to achieve a balance of "economic recovery and fiscal consolidation, including not without mandatory spending only discretionary spending, bold without providing the sanctuary to review the expenditures, and maximum reduction of waste, improve the prioritization of measures to promote the sustainable economic growth led by private-sector demand. you are. "
In the general account budget of the country, for non-social security expenses, to suppress as much as possible as compared to the as a whole fiscal 26 year, furthermore, for the social security expenses, the so-called "rose nature", including the review without sanctuary, efficiency - we have been subjected to budget to achieve optimization. Based on the "medium-term financial plan" in fiscal 27 year budget, it is intended to try to improve as much as possible the basic fiscal balance of the general accounting of the country.
In addition, the sharp decline of the population, as a countermeasure to the big challenge of super-aging, the country has decided to promote the realization of the aim of the population decline suppression and local activation "local creation". Last year 9 month launched a "town-people, job creation headquarters", also, in the last year 11 month of "town-people, job creation bill" and "bill to amend the part of the Regional Revitalization Law" local creation-related 2 bill is passed, it was enacted.
For local creation, there is an effort obligation but has become that "countries and prefectures and municipalities to formulate a comprehensive strategy to the basic direction and the like with the content on the creation in the city, people, work."
Declining population problem and the aging problem has become a major issue for the town Nagawa. For this challenge is a measure to continue to overcome the "local creation" is, to be fiscal 27 year Toshimashite town, but I mentioned earlier, in the course of the measures such as installing a new engagement, town There are plans to develop a comprehensive strategy and population vision. Fully attention to the trends in the country, etc., we would like as continue to develop a better overall strategy.
On the other hand, with regard to local government finance, it shows the outlook of the local fiscal balance in the country.
Country, when the calculation of the estimated amount of revenue total expenditures of local bodies from March 24 year, but we have classified the normal balance component and the Great East Japan Earthquake minute, concerning the normal balance of payments worth of fiscal 27 year, revenue total expenditures It is set to about 85 trillion 2700 billion yen, about 1 trillion 9000 billion yen from the previous fiscal year, making it the increase of 2.3%.
Above all, as expenses to tackle the local creation, but there is a tentative name, "town-people, job creation project cost" is established from March 27 year, we have about 1 trillion yen will be recorded.
With regard to the local allocation tax, making it a 1307 trillion 16 billion yen of 7548 billion yen lower than the previous fiscal year. This, despite the forecast is local tax be revenue growth, as a countermeasure against the economic downturn after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, is due to a reduction, etc. of the introduced separate frame added as an emergency measure for the local financial resources.
In such a situation, It is therefore recommended that customers contact budget of the town for the fiscal 27 year, Heisei 26 continue to year, my there in 3-life eyes of commitment "Nagawa Next Vision (3)" emphasis of 10 items listed in the implementation of various office work business about the measures in order to achieve a "take over the rich nature, history, culture, creation of NAGAWA continue to shine", the "human spirit, the town also healthy" in the keyword, "uplifting NAGAWA !! "I was allowed to the aim was budget a.

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