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Message from the Chairman of the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce

Nagawa town council Welcome to the home page! Here, the Congress of the results and announcements, you have me for a such as the current situation.

Published 2017 years 12 month 01 Date

Last updated 2019 years 12 month 11 Date

Mr. Kimiaki Morita, Chairman, Nagatocho

At the Ordinary General Meeting in December 2000, the chairman was appointed by the recommendation of the members of the parliament through the reorganization of the parliament according to the matters to be met. I am truly honored and feel the importance of that responsibility. With the support and cooperation of everyone, we aim to become a council where we learn and discuss together, and we want to work hard to fulfill our mission.

Nagawa-cho has not stopped the flow of population decline since the merger, and it is urgently necessary to stop this, and the town has taken various measures so far, but it is even more effective with the administration as a parliament I think we must be involved in policy planning.

In Nagato Town, which has been said to be a town with relatively few disasters, the Typhoon 19 in October of this year caused serious damage to roads, farmland, agriculture and life-related facilities. In cooperation with the government, the Parliament will work to ensure that reconstruction is done as soon as possible, while strengthening efforts related to disaster prevention and mitigation, and working together with the townspeople to build a town where people can live with peace of mind.

The environment surrounding Nagato-cho is constantly changing, and in the face of more severe financial conditions in the future, it is necessary to enhance the welfare of the residents in response to an aging society with fewer children. Until now, the Nagawa Town Council has been working on the reform of the Parliament in order to build a Parliament that is open to the townspeople and a town that accurately reflects the will of the townspeople. We will continue to work to realize policies that will lead to a brighter future of the town by taking your will firmly and conducting research and discussions. On top of that, we will conclude an error-free conclusion as a representative of the townspeople and build a council that fulfills accountability to the townspeople.

I am a non-aged student of Asahi for the next two years, but since I will be doing my best, I would like to ask for further guidance and cooperation from the townspeople and opinions on parliamentarian activities and activities. I would like to extend my heartfelt greetings to the chairman.

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Chairman of the Chamber of CommerceNoriaki Morita