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About Congress

Nagawa town council Welcome to the home page! Here, the Congress of the results and announcements, you have me for a such as the current situation.

Published 2019 years 12 month 02 Date

Last updated 2022 years 01 month 14 Date


Nagawa town council

 The Nagawa Town Council, as one of the leaders of the dual representation system, accurately reflects the will of the townspeople in the town administration, makes the best decisions as the town of Nagawa, and realizes the improvement of the welfare of the townspeople as a whole. I have a mission.The parliament makes full use of its authority as a collegial parliamentary body that represents the diverse opinions of the townspeople, responds to the trust of the townspeople, and plays a role in the development of democracy and the realization of true inhabitants' autonomy in the region. Must be fulfilled.

 The council respects the Nagawa Townspeople Charter and the Nagawa Townspeople Autonomy Basic Ordinance, maintains a healthy tension with the townspeople based on the spirit of trust and collaboration with the townspeople, and through free and open discussions. It has the responsibility to fully exercise the monitoring and evaluation function of the town administration, discover issues and issues in policy planning, decision making, execution and evaluation, and make them widely known to the townspeople.

 In order to realize the responsibilities and missions of these parliaments, ensure the fairness and transparency of the parliament, develop free discussions between members, secure opportunities for townspeople to participate in policy activities, and self-improve and qualify members. We decided to make constant efforts for parliamentary reform in order to build a council that is open and trusted by the townspeople and has a strong presence that can act with the townspeople and make policy proposals by making improvements, etc., and the Nagawa Town Council Ordinance Was enacted.

 The Nagawa Town Council is an organization that deliberates and decides on measures on an equal footing with the town (executive body) based on this Council Basic Ordinance.It consists of a fixed number of 10 members of the Nagawa Town Council (term of office is XNUMX years).

 Nagawa Town Assembly Basic Regulations

Regular meetings and extraordinary sessions

 The town council has "regular meetings" (March, June, September, December) held four times a year and "extraordinary sessions" held as needed.

Main Convention

 A meeting to be deliberated at the plenary session at regular and extraordinary sessions.
 At the plenary session, decisions will be made on important matters that reflect the will of the residents, including general questions regarding the deliberation of submitted bills and administrative and financial management of town administration.


 The committees include a standing committee, a parliamentary steering committee and a special committee.
 The committee is held to investigate and review the deliberations at the plenary session in more detail.

Standing Committee

 We will investigate the office work of the town under the jurisdiction of each committee and examine the bills.
 The names, constants and jurisdictions are as follows.

  • Standing Committee on General Affairs and Economy
    General Affairs Division, Planning Division, Planning and Finance Section, information Public Relations, Industry Promotion Division, construction water service section, Parliament Secretariat, Election Commission, of matters relating to jurisdiction of the Agriculture Committee and the Audit Committee investigation and proposals, the petition petitions, etc. review
  • Standing Committee on Social Education
    Investigation and proposals on matters concerning town responsibility of the townspeople welfare section, the children's health promotion section and the board of education, examination of petitioning petition etc

Congress Steering Committee

 We investigate and examine matters related to the operation of the parliament and matters related to the chairman's consultation.
 Constant 5 people

Special committee

 It is provided when investigating and examining special matters.

Petition and the petition

 A petition is to submit a request to the national or local governments to the parliament after being introduced by a member of the Diet.When the parliament examines and adopts the content, it submits a written opinion to the relevant administrative agency in order to realize the purpose.
 The petition will be processed by the example of the petition, which the chair deems necessary, but no referral by a member of the Diet is required.

 The deadline for accepting petitions and petitions is XNUMX days before the Assembly Steering Committee before the regular meeting.

Hearing of this conference-committee

 Anyone can listen to the plenary session.Please fill in the address and name on the reception desk at the entrance of the meeting place and listen.Precautions are posted at the hearing entrance.
 The committee's hearing requires the permission of the chairperson, so if you would like to hear, please contact the Parliamentary Secretariat in advance.

News from Nagawa town council

 It is issued at regular meetings four times a year and distributed to all households in the town so that the townspeople can know the activities of the assembly.

 News from Nagawa town council