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Nagawa town council Welcome to the home page! Here, the Congress of the results and announcements, you have me for a such as the current situation.

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Nagawa town council members

Nagawa town council

The town council, as an institution representing the residents, is an agency that deliberates and makes decisions on measures based on the philosophy of residents' autonomy, in an equal position with the town (executive agency). Constitution of constants of the Chamber of Commerce of the Chamber of Commerce 10 people (term of office 4 years) will be composed.

Regular meetings and extraordinary sessions

The town council, will be held a year 4 times "regular meeting" (3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 12 month) and, there is "extraordinary session" to be held if necessary.

Plenary session

He called the meeting to deliberate in this conference hall in regular meetings and extraordinary sessions.
In this conference, including the submitted deliberation and general questions to correct, such as financial and administrative operations of the town administration of proposals, decisions are made on important matters such as, such as residents of the intention is reflected.


Standing Committee Committee to the Commission, there is a parliamentary committee and the special committee.
Committee, the deliberation in plenary in more detail investigation, will be held in order to carry out the examination.

Standing Committee

Research and for the affairs of the town that each committee is under the jurisdiction, will be reviewed and proposals.
Name, constant and jurisdiction, is as follows.
○ Affairs Economic Standing Committee constant 5 people
General Affairs Division, Planning Division, Planning and Finance Section, information Public Relations, Industry Promotion Division, construction water service section, Parliament Secretariat, Election Commission, of matters relating to jurisdiction of the Agriculture Committee and the Audit Committee investigation and proposals, the petition petitions, etc. review
○ Social educational Standing Committee constant 5 people
Investigation and proposals on matters concerning town responsibility of the townspeople welfare section, the children's health promotion section and the board of education, examination of petitioning petition etc

Congress Steering Committee

And matters related to the operation of Parliament, investigation of such matters concerning the Chairman of the Advisory, and the examination.
Constant 4 people

Special committee

Investigate special matters, it provided at the time of examination.

Petition and the petition

Petition is intended to submit a request to the national or local governments, etc., to the Congress through the introduction of lawmakers. Congress, if it is adopted to review its contents, in order to achieve the realization of its purpose, and submitted to the relevant administrative agency to vote a written opinion.
Petition is, but the process by way of example of the petition those deemed necessary by the chairman, introduction of the lawmakers are not required.

Hearing of this conference-committee

The conference, you can sit in anyone. Please to sit in to fill out the name and address to accept the book in the floor entrance. The hearing entrance has the web notes.
Committee of the hearing, it will be required the permission of the chairman, those who wish to hearing, please contact the Congress Secretariat in advance.

News from Nagawa town council

In your town in order to get to know the activities of the parliament, year 4 times, and issued for each regular meeting, will be distributed to all households in the town.

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