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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do if the payment amount in medical institution window may be expensive?

    If the advance in the application presented to "limit applicable Certificate", payments you need to self-pay ceiling.
    The maximum amount is different by age and income, but if it is going to be expensive, please contact us in advance.

    ○ those who are subscribed to the medical system for elder senior citizens
    Once the application, if the expiration date has become relevant even after it will be automatically updated.
    ○ side up, in the national health insurance has been subscribed
    Once past the expiration date is the need to apply again. In addition, also we have people that live in the payment of self-pay ceiling even if there is no "limit applicable Certificate" by the age and income segments.

  • Do I need a notification if the insurance card has changed?

    When you subscribe to the health insurance of the workplace and, when stopped, the documents and the pension book to prove the unusual date, such as insurance card within two weeks, please notify top of bringing the seal.
    In addition, when you establish a separate address for scholastic, please refer to the procedure along with a school certificate.
    It should be noted, then the appropriate person to be, you will also need the report to the welfare engagement.

    ◯ If you have the welfare and healthcare claimant certification
    ◯ those who are receiving the child allowance
    ※ or supposed to pay to double the insurance tax If you forget to report, so there is also the case that it can not receive medical care have to pay the full amount at medical institutions, thank you as soon as possible proceedings.

  • Or those who are the subject of the late elderly health care system is what kind of person?

    There is a certain degree of disability in 75 age people over 65 years of age (the subject from the date of birth on the day) from 74-year-old, I would like to join.
    It corresponds to the following, who will be need to apply you would like to join.

    ○ with people with a certain degree of disability is
    - If you are receiving a disability pension 1 and 2 class, such as the national pension
    - The direction of 1 and 2 grade of mental disability certificate
    Towards the people and part of the quaternary-from 1 of physical disability certificate of tertiary
    · Rehabilitation towards the notebook A (severe)

  • What kind of system is the welfare medical expenses benefit business?

    The person corresponding to the following requirements, is a system that benefits to at a later date the medical expenses paid by the hospital or pharmacy, has been designated account.
    Person of interest, calculated by subtracting the 300 circle from medical expenses paid at the counter for each medical institution will be paid. In addition, please note that it takes three to four months from visits month before transfer.

    ◯ those who are the subject of welfare and healthcare
    - From birth to 3 year of high school
    - Physical disability certificate primary to tertiary holders
    · Nursing notebook holders
    And mental health welfare notebook owner
    - Psychiatric rehabilitation (spirit outpatient medical expenses) benefits applicable person
    - Mother and child, motherless family (of a student in high school in less than 18 years old or less than 18 years of age or older. 20 age children, etc., and those who are dependents of the child)
    - The old man (person resident tax is tax-free households in more and less than 65 years old 70 years)
    ※ Depending also income such as the above-mentioned person may not be excluded.

  • What kind of system is the independence support medical expenses (mental hospital)?

    When you visit in the spirit of the disease, it is intended to bear at public expense a portion of the amount paid at the counter.
    Since the person who will be the subject in hospital continues to psychiatry for more than six months, please refer to the application provides the following documents are those who wish to assist.

    ○ medical certificate (for psychiatric outpatient medical care)
    · Please ask them to fill in the hospital to have a medical institution.
    ○ independence support medical expenses (mental hospital) grant approval application form
    - Town hall you will find the paper
    ○ Agreement on browsing and the provision of tax information
    A copy of the insurance card ○
    ※ is a system to pay at public expense a part of the medical expenses when you visit in the spirit of the disease.

  • I sometimes like to propose to the town, where do I say?

    Your opinion on the town administration, such as the request has been accepted by the General Affairs Division Affairs Section.

    Contact Us

  • Although start of service in the district of the sewer was heard and the connection to the sewer system are required. Is this true.

    Each came to ○ can be connected to the sewer home, it is obliged to immediately be connected to the sewer. (Sewerage Law Article 10)
    ※ such as when authorized by special circumstances, shall not apply.

    ○ Kumitori toilet must be modified to flush toilets within three years. (3 of the Sewerage Law Article 11)
    ※ The building is near the removal, or if you plan to be transferred, if the procurement of funds necessary for reconstruction of the water closet is recognized that there are reasonable grounds, such as when there is a difficult situation, this shall not apply .

  • I think that trying to build a new house, or should I do sewage and rainwater is how to eliminate.

    Sewage to sewage, rainwater, please drainage to your nearest gutter.

  • For newly connected to the public sewer (already the connected piping repair), please tell me the skill in the art.

    Connection to the sewer, or, repair of drainage facilities are connected, can not be done if it is not NAGAWA designated construction shop. Please check the specified construction shop is here.

    Sewer designation construction shop List

  • Water from the premises of the drainage facilities are leaking. (It seems to be jammed something.)

    Since the premise of the drainage will be personal management, please consult the designated construction shop. (Cost will be paid for privately.)

  • Repair of water supply in the house is, Why is personal burden?

    Management of water and sewage department in from the water main to the water supply meter, water supply facilities in the grounds of the house is made with you each individual property, water and sewage department does not manage.
    Thus, repair of water supply facilities in the house, will be borne by all of you each individual.
    Please have it repaired in the town designated water supply construction shop.

  • Although I found a water leakage, How do I?

    Water leakage in the vicinity of or on the water meter road, please contact the construction Water Division water and sewerage engagement.
    However, the water leakage in the water meter of the house, please have it repaired in NAGAWA designated water supply construction shop.

  • How you can use the amount of water meter reading vote has increased?

    Cause the amount of water is increased, there is a case of indoor water leakage.
    Close all the indoor faucets, whether pilots in the water meter (small gear) are turning, please inspect.
    If, because it is a water leakage when I turned even a little, please have it repaired in NAGAWA designated water supply construction shop.

  • Can I continue withdrawing my account when moving in the town or opening a new one?

    In the case of accounts that have been used up to this, it is possible to make direct debit subsequently.
    At that time, so you'll need to fill in the documents, if it is continued, please contact the water and sewage section window.

  • How do I water charges to direct debit?

    Fill out the application form of fitted at the counter of a financial institution, please submit by pressing the bank mark.
    When you receive the notification in water and sewerage department from financial institutions, we will be debited from the account from the next fiscal year.

  • There is that tap water is cloudy white, but how about you all right?

    By an increase in water temperature, air that is dissolved in the water becomes the grain of the bubble, it will be considered to look white.
    When placed in a transparent container, it will be transparent from near the bottom gradually in about 10 seconds. Please check it.
    If the turbidity can not be taken, please contact the construction Water Division water and sewerage engagement.

  • If you have found, such as depression and sediment collapse of the road?

    Please contact the construction water service section.

  • When you want to check the boundary between the road and your site is, what should I do?

    If the town road, construction Water Division to attend the boundary, to confirm.
    In that case, since there is also a case where I am witnessed also in the vicinity of the land owner, please contact us in advance.

  • You can work on the road, do I do to get such as billboards and stalls?

    You can work on the road, to install the sign, etc. (for the road occupied), you will need to apply to the administrator of the road. (Temporary use application or application for the road occupied the road)
    The roads occupied there is a limit, there is a case where private use charges will occur.
    Moreover, since there is a case report also to the police station is required, please contact details, construction water service section.

  • If you do not receive a "legal examination" of the septic tank, What are the penalties?

    2006 amendment septic tank Act in February is enforcement, for septic tank management (installation) who do not subject to inspections statutory inspection of the septic tank, the prefecture (major cities, the authority transfer cities and towns), the guidance and advice to undergo inspection it can, when there is a need on the conservation and public health of the living environment, within a reasonable time limit set, you can recommendation to receive the inspection. In response septic tank administrator is a recommendation, when you did not take the measures pertaining to the recommendation without justifiable reason, you are sentenced to a civil fine (yen 30) specifying a reasonable deadline.

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