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About the heat stroke prevention information site of the Ministry of the Environment in XNUMX

Published 2023 years 05 month 10 Date

Last updated 2023 years 05 month 11 Date


 Heatstroke is a condition in which the body's temperature control function does not work well due to being in a hot and humid environment for a long time, and heat builds up inside the body.
 It develops not only outdoors but also indoors when you are not doing anything, and you may be rushed to an ambulance or die in some cases.

 Acquire correct knowledge about heat stroke, be aware of changes in your physical condition, and pay attention to your surroundings to prevent heat stroke from damaging your health.

 You can view heat stroke prevention information from the following website.Please use it.


XNUMX. Transmitting information site

 "Ministry of the Environment heat stroke prevention information site"

  (PC/smartphone) https://www.wbgt.env.go.jp/
          (Mobile phone) https://www.wbgt.env.go.jp/kt/


XNUMX. Transmission period

  Until Wednesday, October 10, 25th year of Reiwa



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