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About publication of comprehensive management plan (revised version) such as Nagawa-cho public facilities

Published 2023 years 04 month 21 Date

Last updated 2023 years 04 month 21 Date


 In order to realize the basic policy stipulated in the "Comprehensive Management Plan for Nagawa Town Public Facilities, etc." formulated in March 29,
In March XNUMX, the "Nagawa Town Public Facility Individual Facility Plan" was formulated, but until now, due to the increasing diverse administrative demands and resident needs,
Since many public facilities have been built, it will be time for renovations and renewals all at once in the near future, and it is expected that a large amount of expenses will be required for renovations and renewals in the future.

 On the other hand, in terms of finances, due to sluggish town tax revenues due to population decline and increasing social security expenses due to the declining birthrate and aging population, etc.
The financial situation is expected to deteriorate.

 For this reason, it is an urgent issue to keep the cost of updating public facilities, which can be said to be a fixed cost, at an appropriate level.

 In response to these issues, by systematically implementing measures such as promotion of utilization, consolidation, and extension of life from a long-term perspective,
In order to reduce and equalize the financial burden associated with the renewal of public facilities, etc., accurately grasp the needs of residents, and promote comprehensive management of public facilities, etc.
In March XNUMX, we revised the “Comprehensive Management Plan for Nagawa Town Public Facilities, etc.”

 01_Nagawa Town Public Facilities Comprehensive Management Plan (Revised) [PDF: 2MB]


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