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Regarding the concept of wearing a mask at the Nagawa Town Hall (Response from R5.3.13)

Published 2023 years 03 month 10 Date

Last updated 2023 years 03 month 13 Date


 Response to mask wearing at Nagawa Town Hall

 From March 5, 3, wearing a mask will be based on personal judgment.

 Along with this, regarding visitors to the Nagawa Town Hall and each branch office,
 Wearing a mask is based on personal judgment.

 In order not to force the person to put on and take off the mask against their will,
 Please be considerate so that the subjective judgment of the individual is respected.

 In addition, regarding the staff, considering the concerns of the residents,
 For the time being, we will continue to wear masks as a general rule.

 However, if the ventilation is sufficient and the distance between people is sufficiently maintained,
 Depending on the situation, it is possible not to wear a mask, so please understand.

〇Other infection control measures
 We will continue to take basic infection control measures until the transition to Category 5 on May 8th.
 Measures to prevent partitions and crowding will remain the same.

 Also, if the situation changes due to the epidemic of infection, please take measures against infection again.

 We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


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