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Regarding the review of the way of thinking about wearing masks (response from R5.3.13)

Published 2023 years 03 month 06 Date

Last updated 2023 years 03 month 07 Date


 Wearing a mask is based on personal judgment

 However, be careful in the following cases
  ○ In the following situations, wear a mask to prevent the spread of infection to those around you.
   ・When visiting medical institutions, facilities for the elderly, etc.
   ・When riding a crowded train or bus during rush hours

○When a person with a high risk of becoming seriously ill goes to a crowded place during the spread of infection,
 Wearing a mask is an effective way to protect yourself from infection.

○ Please cooperate when you are asked to wear a mask by the administrator of the facility or event organizer.

○ If you have symptoms such as fever, please refrain from going out.
 When going out for hospital visits or other unavoidable reasons, avoid crowds,
 Please wear a mask to prevent the spread of infection to those around you.

 In order not to force the person to put on and take off the mask against their will,
 Please be considerate so that an individual's subjective judgment is respected.

◇ Nagano Prefecture Homepage
 [Comprehensive site for measures against new coronavirus infections]

 About the idea of ​​wearing a mask [PDF: 2MB]

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