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Nagawa Town Public Housing Resident Recruitment (until December 12th)

Published 2022 years 12 month 05 Date

Last updated 2022 years 12 month 05 Date

We are looking for residents of Nagawa Town Public Housing.
Please check the content and occupancy conditions of the "Application Form", please refer to the application.
The application period is December 4, 12Day(Friday) 30:4 am to December 12, 15 (Thursday) XNUMX:XNUMX pm.

Submit to: Nagawa Town Hall Main Building

Contact Strategy and Finance Division trustee engagement TEL0268-75-2066

Recruitment target

  1. 1. Asahigaoka Public Housing I-1


Wanted number of houses and tenants conditions other

[Public housing]

   Number of units offered: 1 units

  • Asahigaoka public housing I-1 XNUMX unit
    • Address: 1680 Wada, Nagawa-cho
    • Structure, floor plan, etc.: Wooden tiled roof / 2 stories / 2 units in 1 building / 3DK (floor area approx. 74.9m2)


   Occupancy conditions (at the application point in time, those who are provided with all the conditions of the following)

  1. 1. A person who has an address in the town or who can move his / her address to the house immediately after deciding to move in.
  2. 2. Actually living with, or have relatives who intend to live with (a person who has not reported marriage but is in a situation similar to that of a marriage and who has reserved a marriage). * Not a single person.
  3. 3. Persons who do not delinquently pay town taxes (local taxes) and other utilities, including those who plan to live together.
  4. 4. A person who is clearly in need of housing.
  5. 5. Not a member of a gang or similar groups.
  6. 6. Being a person who actively cooperates with local activities (residents' association, fire brigade, etc.).

   Occupancy limit

  • There occupancy limit due income for public housing.


  • Rent per month: it will be determined in accordance with the tenants of income. (Except deposit, common area charges, electricity charges, water and sewerage charges, Gasudai, the cable television use fee)
  • Security deposit: Determined according to the income of the resident. [Three months' monthly rent]

   Required documents

  1. 1. Application for moving into a public housing
  2. 2. A copy of the resident card (for those who move in)
  3. 3. Income, Taxation and Dependency Certificate (for all residents)
  4. 4. Tax payment certificate (for all residents)
  5. 5. Other required documents (marriage certificate)

 Selection method others

  • Selection method: In the case of a large number of applicants, it will be decided by lottery.
  • Screening date and time: December 4, 12 (Monday) from 26:XNUMX pm
  • Selection meeting place: Nagawa-cho government office the second floor third meeting room

Address: Nagawa Town Furumachi 4247-1
Telephone: 0268-75-2066 (directly)
(The venue may change.)


Public housing tenants application form [DOC: 34KB]

Other documents (marriage certificate) [DOC: 31KB]


Contact Us

Strategy and Finance Division trustee engagement
Address: Yubinbango386-0603 Nagano Prefecture Chiisagata-gun NAGAWA Old Town, 4247-1 NAGAWA office 2F
TEL: 0268-75-2066
FAX: 0268-68-4139