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December XNUMX Nagawa town council regular meeting general questions

Published 2022 years 11 month 21 Date

Last updated 2022 years 11 month 21 Date


December 12 Nagawa town council regular meeting General questions


We will inform you of the general questioners who will be held on December 12th (Tuesday) and XNUMXth (Wednesday) and the approximate time in order of remarks.



 December 12 (Tue) [Day XNUMX]


  00.Mitsunori Tafuku Member of the Diet 10:00-XNUMX:XNUMX

 (XNUMX) Regular employees of Nagawa Town, fiscal year appointed employees, current status and future issues of comprehensive outsourcing, and response to retirement extension system

 (XNUMX) Implementation of survival games in our town


  10.Yukiko Abe Member of Parliament 10:11~10:XNUMX

  (XNUMX) Nursery school diaper take-out system

  (XNUMX) Housing for singles in town

  (XNUMX) Convenience of attending school for high school students


  11.Hisato Watanabe, member of the Diet 20:12-00:XNUMX

    (XNUMX) Civil Protection Law and Civil Protection Plan

    (XNUMX) Status of the new Nagawa Town Promotion Public Corporation


  13.Kazuyuki Tatsuno Member of Parliament 00:13~40:XNUMX

    (XNUMX) Future of hilly and mountainous agriculture

    (XNUMX) Animal damage and the future of agriculture

    (XNUMX) About the future of vacant houses and vacant lots


  13.Member of Parliament Yuichi Ogino 50:14~50:XNUMX

    (XNUMX) About the future concept of utilization of "obsidian historical heritage" that Nagawa Town is proud of

    (XNUMX) How will Nagawa Town proceed with efforts toward carbon neutrality?  








December 12 (Wednesday) [Day 7]


   00.Keisho Harada, member of the Diet 10:00-XNUMX:XNUMX

     (XNUMX) About the town's response to the corona disaster (Part XNUMX)

     (XNUMX) Current status of disaster recovery and response to swept away private land

     (XNUMX) Status of pellet stove purchase assistance and wood stove purchase assistance

     (XNUMX) Guidance/explanation on joining residents' associations/wards for new residents


   10.Keiichi Sato Member of Parliament 10:11~10:XNUMX

     (XNUMX) Regional economic circulation through organic school meals

     (XNUMX) Efforts toward renewable energy and landscape ordinances

     (XNUMX) Firewood boiler with fossil fuel for hot springs using forest thinnings



The time for general questions will change depending on the length of the question time.



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