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A “Medical Emergency Declaration” has been issued to all prefectures.

Published 2022 years 11 month 14 Date

Last updated 2022 years 11 month 15 Date


 The secured bed occupancy rate for patients with COVID-XNUMX is
 As of yesterday, it was 56.9% (302/531 beds), exceeding 50%, and the burden on medical care is increasing.


 Every year, the number of myocardial infarction and stroke patients tends to increase in winter,
 In the future, if the spread of infection continues, the labor shortage due to the infection of medical staff will become more serious.
 We are concerned about the impact on the lives of the citizens of the prefecture, such as the postponement of surgery and the occurrence of cases that require time for ambulance transport.

 In addition, although the infectivity and severity have not been clarified at this time, it is a new substrain of the Omicron strain.
 "BQ.1.1" and "XBB" have also been confirmed in the prefecture, and there are concerns about future replacement.

 In addition, we need to be prepared for a simultaneous epidemic with seasonal influenza this winter.

 In order to protect the lives of the citizens of the prefecture and maintain socioeconomic activities as much as possible,
 It is necessary for us to share the recognition with the citizens of the prefecture and work together to minimize the current spread of infection and the burden on medical care.

 For this reason, the prefecture has issued its own "Medical Emergency Declaration" to all prefectures, and with the cooperation of medical personnel and municipalities, etc.
 We will do our utmost to improve the medical examination system and promote vaccination.

 In addition, while strongly calling on the citizens of the prefecture to thoroughly implement basic infection control measures,
 Socio-economic activities will be maintained as much as possible for the time being.

 In addition, if the spread of infection does not come to a halt and the occupancy rate of secured hospital beds exceeds the maximum value in the past, medical pressure becomes serious,
 We will have to consider requesting the citizens of the prefecture to restrict their activities to a certain extent.


 In order to avoid such a situation, please understand and cooperate with various measures and requests from the prefecture.


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