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A "special medical alert" has been issued for all prefectures, and the infection alert level for the Ueda area has been raised to 5.

Published 2022 years 11 month 04 Date

Last updated 2022 years 11 month 04 Date

From Nagano Prefecture homepage
 In response to the increase in the occupancy rate of reserved beds due to the resurgence of infections since mid-October, a "medical alert" was issued on October 10, and efforts have been made to reduce the burden on medical care.
 However, the re-expansion of infections caused by the Omicron strain BA.38.8 strain, which caused the explosive spread of infections in the summer, shows no sign of subsiding, and as of yesterday, the utilization rate of secured beds has risen to 95%, and there are no beds other than secured beds. XNUMX people have been hospitalized, and there are concerns about the tightness of the medical care system.
 In order to prepare for the spread of the new coronavirus infection that exceeds the XNUMXth wave, which is a concern this winter, and the simultaneous epidemic with seasonal influenza, it is necessary to stop the further spread of the infection here and now. It is extremely important not to further increase the burden on medical care so that those who need to be hospitalized in the future can receive appropriate treatment.
For this reason, we will issue a "special medical warning" to all prefectures, strengthen the prefecture's countermeasures, and once again call on the citizens of the prefecture to thoroughly implement basic infection control measures.
 In addition, the number of new positive cases in the last week (October 10th to November 28rd) is the standard for raising the level of the area to 11 in the prefecture's own infection caution level (10 people per 450.0 population). Above), and it is recognized that the infection is spreading significantly, so the infection alert level for the Ueda area will be raised from XNUMX (warning) to XNUMX (maximum warning).

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"Medical special warning" will be issued to all prefectures [PDF: 233KB]Raise infection alert level for 674 areas to XNUMX [PDF: XNUMXKB]


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