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About standard review of Nagano new coronavirus infectious disease, infection caution level

Published 2022 years 10 month 28 Date

Last updated 2022 years 10 month 31 Date


 From Nagano Prefecture homepage
 Based on the situation of the 5th wave due to the Omicron strain BA.XNUMX strain, we will review the situation for the XNUMXth wave, which is concerned about simultaneous epidemics with seasonal influenza.

 [Revised points]
(XNUMX) Step-by-step reduction of infection alert levels (from XNUMX to XNUMX)
 Integrate Levels XNUMX and XNUMX to create a new “lull period”
(XNUMX) Raising the criteria for the number of new positive cases
 Raise the standard number of people by approximately XNUMX times from the current level
(XNUMX) Change in handling of small areas (Kiso area/Northern Alps area)
 Even for small areas, the number of people standard is applied according to the number of new positive cases per 10 people
(XNUMX) Raising the level due to the tightness of fever outpatients
 The level can be raised when it is confirmed that there is a shortage of outpatient services.
 In addition, there is no change in the infection caution level of the Ueda area accompanying this.
 (Infection alert level 4 in the Ueda area)

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 [Comprehensive site for measures against new coronavirus infections]


 About review of standard of infection caution level (summary) [PDF: 484KB]

 Switch the infection alert level for each area [PDF: 474KB]


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