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Issue a "medical alert"

Published 2022 years 10 month 20 Date

Last updated 2022 years 10 month 20 Date


 From Nagano Prefecture homepage
 In the 68.1th wave of the new corona after July, although the utilization rate of secured beds in this prefecture rose to 21% (August XNUMX),
 After that, the "medical alert" was lifted on October 10 because it has been on a downward trend.

 However, the number of new positives is on the rise again,
 The number of people requiring hospitalization due to outbreaks of mass infections at elderly care facilities is increasing.
 As of yesterday, the occupancy rate of secured hospital beds was 28.4% (151 beds/531 beds), which is 25% or more, the standard for issuing medical alerts, for three consecutive days.
 In addition, 74 people have been hospitalized in addition to the secured beds, and the burden on medical care is beginning to rise again.

 In particular, in this winter, the occurrence of new positive cases of new coronavirus infections exceeding the XNUMXth wave and the occurrence of seasonal influenza
 Since there are concerns about the strain on medical care due to the simultaneous epidemic, it is extremely important to reduce the burden on medical care as much as possible.

 For this reason, we have issued a "medical alert" to all prefectures and strengthened the countermeasures as a prefecture.
 Once again, I would like to call on all citizens of the prefecture to thoroughly implement basic infection control measures.

 Along with this, the infection alert level of the area will be the level according to the infection status of each area.
 (Infection alert in the Ueda areaLevel 4It will be. )

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