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Release the "Medical Alert"

Published 2022 years 10 month 04 Date

Last updated 2022 years 10 month 05 Date


 From Nagano Prefecture homepage

 During the 7th wave, the utilization rate of secured hospital beds in the prefecture rose to 68.1% (August 8) at its peak.
 With the cooperation of medical professionals, residents of the prefecture and business operators,
 Since September 9th, it has remained below the 26% threshold for a "medical alert", standing at 25% as of yesterday.

 Since it is recognized that the occupancy rate of reserved beds is stably below the target of 25%, the "medical alert" will be lifted.
 Along with this, the infection alert level of the area will be the level according to the infection status of each area.
 (The Ueda area will be at infection alert level 3.).

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 Medical alarm cancellation [PDF: 487KB]

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