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Announcement of Investment in “Green Bonds” Issued by Nagano Prefecture

Published 2022 years 10 month 07 Date

Last updated 2022 years 10 month 07 Date


 Nagawa Town agrees with the purpose of the green bond (*1) issued by Nagano Prefecture,
 As part of our town's fund management, we announce that we will make this ESG investment (*2).

 Nagawa Town will continue to invest in green bonds, etc., including this bond.
 By continuing to implement ESG investment, we will strive to improve the environment and further promote the SDGs (*3).


 *1 Green bond: Contributes to mitigation and adaptation to climate change
           Bonds issued to raise funds for projects, etc.

 *2 ESG investment: Environment, Social, Governance
        An investment that emphasizes and selects the elements of


 *3 SDGs: Decided at the United Nations Summit in September 2015,
        "Sustainable Development Goals" to create a better world.


XNUMX Details of investment

The funds procured through the issuance of this bond will be used to achieve (mitigate) net zero carbon dioxide (CO2050) emissions in 2,
To avoid and mitigate (adaptation) damage from natural disasters caused by climate change,
It will be used for the environmental measures in the table below that Nagano Prefecture is working on.

Project classification

Business Activities

再生 可能 エネルギー

  • Installation of small hydroelectric power plants

clean transportation

  • Subsidies for rolling stock renewal for regional railway operators (Shinano Railway)

Energy efficiency

  • New construction/renovation/renewal of facilities owned by the prefecture
    (Renewal of air-conditioning equipment, LED lighting, high heat insulation, etc.)

Adapting to climate change

  • Transport infrastructure development
    (Signal power supply device, road disaster prevention business, etc.)
  • River improvement for flood control
  • Erosion control to prevent sediment disasters,
    Erosion control, landslide, steep slope failure countermeasures

for living natural resources and land use
Environmental sustainable management

  • Maintenance of forest roads for forest environment conservation




XNUMX Overview of receivables to be purchased


Nagano Prefecture 4 Public Bond [Green Bond (10 years)]


10 years (lump-sum redemption at maturity)

Issue amount

10000 million yen

date of issue

January 4, 10rd year of Reiwa


Nagawa Town, Kogata District, Nagano Prefecture Press release [PDF: 166KB]

Contact Us

Accounts Division
TEL: 0268-75-2058
FAX: 0268-68-4011

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