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About evacuation of new coronavirus infectious disease "home medical treatment person" at the time of disaster, "close contact person"

Published 2022 years 09 month 29 Date

Last updated 2022 years 09 month 29 Date


 In case a disaster occurs while you are recuperating at home or during a period of health observation, check what to do in the event of a disaster.

XNUMX Preparations for evacuation
 Use a hazard map, etc. to check your home's disaster risk and actions to take when evacuating, and prepare for a disaster.
 If you feel the need to evacuate, immediately evacuate to a safe place.

XNUMX When evacuation information is issued in your area
 For areas that require evacuation, the town will issue "evacuation orders", "elderly evacuation", and "emergency safety assurance".
 Prompt evacuation is necessary from dangerous places.
 However, those who can secure their own safety* do not necessarily need to go to an evacuation center.
* You live in a safe area, you can secure safety on the second floor or higher, you can move to a safe place by private car, etc. )

 In Nawa-cho, we will set up a dedicated shelter for "home care patients" and "close contact people" or a dedicated place to stay within the shelter.
 It will be opened according to the situation, so please check with the town before evacuating.

[Confirmation of evacuation site]
 General Affairs Division, Nagawa Town Hall Phone: XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX

XNUMX Precautions when evacuating
(1) In the event of a disaster, please check the disaster situation on TV, radio, or on the homepage of the prefecture/town.
(2) When evacuating, please help prevent infection by wearing a mask, washing your hands, and sanitizing your hands with hand sanitizer.
   Also, please bring a mask, disinfectant, thermometer, and mobile phone.

(3) Secure your own safety first, and then contact the municipality.
   We will need to guide you to a dedicated evacuation center and prepare for acceptance, so please cooperate. 

(4) When evacuating to an evacuation shelter, you will be asked to temporarily stay in a separate building or room (dedicated evacuation shelter, dedicated space) from general evacuees.
   At the reception desk, be sure to tell the person in charge that you are a “home care patient” or a “close contact person”.
     In addition, please follow the instructions of the evacuation shelter management staff and observe the rules inside the evacuation shelter.

○ When asking for help in the event of a disaster
 If you seek help in the event of a disaster, be sure to tell the fire department or other personnel that you are a home sanatorium.

〇 When there is a grace period until evacuation, such as when a typhoon is approaching
 Please check the hazard map and contact the public health center if you have any concerns.
 If you are thinking of evacuating to an accommodation facility, please contact the public health center.
 Please note that not all applicants will be able to enter.

 Ueda Public Health Center, Nagano Prefecture Phone: XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX


 Evacuation correspondence leaflet [PDF: 791KB]


Administration Division
TEL : 0268-75-2040
FAX : 0268-68-4139

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