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Cancel the "Medical Emergency Declaration" and switch to "Medical Emergency Warning"

Published 2022 years 09 month 13 Date

Last updated 2022 years 09 month 13 Date


 From Nagano Prefecture homepage
 The occupancy rate of secured beds in this prefecture exceeded 50% on August 21th and rose to 68.1% on the XNUMXst.
 It fell below 50% on September 39.4th and has fallen to XNUMX% as of yesterday.
 In addition, mass infections at medical institutions and facilities for the elderly are also on the decline.

 The medical care provision system in this prefecture was temporarily in a crisis situation, but we were able to overcome it thanks to the efforts of all the medical workers and the cooperation of the citizens of the prefecture.
 Therefore, the "Medical Emergency Declaration" will be lifted.
 Although the number is on the decline, the number of new positive cases is still at a high level, and the burden on the medical care system continues.

 In addition, the infection alert level, which was set to level 5 for all areas, will be changed according to the infection status of each area. (The Ueda area will be at infection alert level XNUMX.).
 In anticipation of the COVID-XNUMX outbreak, the prefecture will take all possible measures to protect those who are at high risk of becoming seriously ill by improving the medical care system and promoting vaccinations, while promoting a balance between social and economic activities.

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 Cancellation of medical emergency declaration [PDF: 601KB]

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