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If you have "symptoms such as sore throat, cough, fever" that are suspected of new coronavirus infection

Published 2022 years 08 month 26 Date

Last updated 2022 years 09 month 29 Date


If you have "symptoms such as sore throat, cough, fever" that are suspected of new coronavirus infection

(Update: R4.9.26)


Those who are at low risk of becoming seriously ill and have mild symptoms

There is no need to rush to see a doctor.First of all, please consider self-examination with a test kit.


●Junior high school students to 64 years old, if the result of the test is positive,
  Please register online at the registration center for people with mild symptoms of COVID-XNUMX.


We also distribute antigen qualitative test kits free of charge to households exempt from residence tax.




*If the test is negative, it may be a false negative, so please refrain from going out, such as taking time off from work as much as possible while you have symptoms.
 Even if the symptoms are relieved, please do not infect others for about a week after the onset of symptoms.


*If you cannot obtain a test kit, do not rush to see a doctor.
 Please keep an eye on the situation, and if the symptoms worsen, please consult your family doctor and see a doctor.


・Those with a low risk of aggravation

Under XNUMX years old, no underlying diseases, not pregnant, mild symptoms (able to eat and drink, not having trouble breathing, infants and good complexion)


Those who are at high risk of becoming seriously ill or who have severe symptoms

It is necessary to immediately consult with your family doctor or a medical institution for medical examinations and examinations.


●Please consult with a nearby medical institution such as your family doctor by phone.
  If you do not have a family doctor, please contact the Consultation Center.


・Those who are at high risk of becoming seriously ill ・Those with severe symptoms

 Over XNUMX years old, with underlying diseases, pregnant, unvaccinated,
 Severe symptoms (cannot drink fluids, cannot move due to exhaustion, difficulty breathing/fast breathing, infants with a pale complexion/bad mood and cannot be relieved by comforting)


(Disease corresponding to underlying disease)

 malignant tumor, chronic respiratory disease (COPD, etc.), chronic kidney disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, immunodeficiency after solid organ transplantation,
 In addition to the use of immunosuppressive/regulatory drugs, HIV infection, etc., obesity (BMI of XNUMX or more) also falls under this category.



〇 If you have any questions about the consultation, are unsure of your decision, or have something you would like to discuss

 Consultation/consultation center (Ueda) 0268-25-7178


〇For those who do not know where to contact

 Trouble consultation center 026-235-7077


For those who are suspected of being infected with the new corona, or those who are positive



For those who have symptoms such as fever, and those who have tested positive with a test kit



For those who have become a new coronavirus infectious disease patient



About those who have been in contact with new coronavirus infectious disease patients