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"BA.5 Countermeasure Strengthening Declaration" has been issued.

Published 2022 years 08 month 24 Date

Last updated 2022 years 08 month 24 Date

From Nagano Prefecture homepage

 The number of new positive cases reached a record high, with 18 confirmed cases per day on August 3,649.The number of people undergoing medical treatment has exceeded XNUMX, and the situation is unprecedented and extremely serious.
 In addition, as of yesterday, the utilization rate of secured hospital beds was 64.8% (337 people / 520 beds), which is 185 points higher than when the "Medical Emergency Declaration" was issued on August XNUMX. There are cases where it is not possible.If the infection is confirmed in a bed other than the secured bed, we have you continue to receive treatment in that medical institution as much as possible, and XNUMX people other than the secured bed are hospitalized.
 In addition, the number of medical staff absent from work due to their own infection and close contact with positive people is increasing, and due to the continuing outbreak of mass infections at elderly care facilities, there are cases where infected elderly people receive medical treatment in facilities, The number of cases of hospitalization of elderly people who need nursing care is increasing, and some medical institutions are forced to restrict the acceptance of patients. I'm here.
 Nationwide, there are predictions that the number of new positive cases is peaking in some areas, but the burden on the medical care system will increase with a delay from the peak of the number of new positive cases. I believe that this is a critical moment for us to "avoid a situation in which we cannot save lives that can be saved" in this prefecture.
 For this reason, in addition to the "declaration of a medical emergency", we will issue a "declaration to strengthen measures against BA.XNUMX" to all prefectures from today until September XNUMXth to strengthen measures.

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