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In addition to issuing a "Medical Emergency Declaration" for all prefectures, we will raise the infection alert level for the Ueda area to 6.

Published 2022 years 08 month 09 Date

Last updated 2022 years 08 month 10 Date


 Infection with Omicron strain BA.XNUMX continues to spread, and the infection level is the highest ever nationwide, including in this prefecture.

 On July 28, a "special medical warning" was issued to all prefectures, but even after that, medical institutions for medical examinations and examinations were forced to refuse to visit hospitals on the same day. There are an increasing number of cases such as
The situation continues that it takes time to see an outpatient, not only on holidays.In addition, the number of people undergoing medical treatment has exceeded 54.8, an unprecedented number.

 In addition, we will issue a "Medical Emergency Declaration" to all prefectures as we are concerned about the medical shortage due to the expected impact of the movement of people during the Obon Festival.
 Currently, more than XNUMX% of people have an unknown route of infection, making it possible for anyone to become infected at any time.


 For this reason, we will seek the cooperation of all medical personnel and citizens of the prefecture to reduce the medical burden, and strive to avoid medical pressures and protect the lives of the citizens of the prefecture.

 On the other hand, since there are few people who have become seriously ill at the moment, we will not make strong requests for specific situations such as dinners and events that we have done so far.

We would like to overcome the XNUMXth wave while maintaining our livelihoods and economy as much as possible by thoroughly taking appropriate actions according to each person's situation and situation.

 In addition, with the issuance of the "Medical Emergency Declaration", the infection alert level for the Ueda area will be raised to XNUMX.

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