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We will issue "medical warnings" to all prefectures and raise the infection alert level in the Ueda area to 4.

Published 2022 years 07 month 21 Date

Last updated 2022 years 07 month 21 Date


 It has been pointed out that the BA.XNUMX strain, which has been the main cause of the rapid spread of infection nationwide since July, is more infectious and easier to escape than the previous Omicron strains.
 This prefecture is also entering an explosive spread of infection, and the number of new positives per day has already exceeded the record high, and outpatient clinics are becoming tight in some areas.
 With the increase in the number of new positives, the number of hospitalized patients has also increased rapidly, and the secured bed usage rate as of yesterday has risen to 22.9%.
 It is said that there is no increase in the severity of the BA.XNUMX strain, and at the moment there are no seriously ill people due to the new corona in the prefecture, but due to the progress of further replacement and the increase in contact opportunities due to summer vacation, etc. There is concern that the number of seriously ill people will increase and increase, especially among the elderly, and that the medical care provision system will rapidly become tight.
 For this reason, by curbing the further increase in positives and hospitalizations, it is possible to avoid the issuance of special medical warnings (secured bed usage rate of 35% or more), and protect those with a high risk of aggravation while maintaining socio-economic activities. We will issue "medical warnings" to all prefectures so that we can do so.

 In addition, with the issuance of "medical warning", the infection alert level in the Ueda area will be raised to XNUMX.

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