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About temporary grant for regional revitalization for new coronavirus infection

Published 2022 years 04 month 26 Date

Last updated 2022 years 05 month 02 Date

A project that local governments need in detail according to the actual conditions of the region in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and to support the local economy and the lives of residents affected by the spread of the infection and to promote regional revitalization. The "Temporary Grant for Regional Revitalization for Coronavirus Infectious Diseases (hereinafter referred to as" Temporary Grant ") was established in the 2nd year of the Ordinance.

As a general rule, there are no restrictions on the use of this extraordinary grant as long as it is a business aimed at the following, which is necessary for dealing with the new coronavirus infection.

  ・ Measures to prevent the spread of infection

  ・ Maintaining employment and continuing business

  ・ Recovery of economic activity by public and private sectors

  ・ Building a strong economic structure

  ・ Transformation of economic structure toward post-corona ・ Realization of virtuous circle

 Implementation plan for Reiwa XNUMXth year

 We planned the following for the project to be implemented in the XNUMXth year of Reiwa.

 Reiwa 471th Implementation Plan [PDF: XNUMXKB]

Announcement of specific business support business

Of the support projects for specific individuals or businesses that utilize temporary grants, one individual or business1,000For those that support XNUMX yen or more, each local public organization will announce the contents of the business on its website.


Please see here for the details of the specific business support project planned for the XNUMXth year of Reiwa.

Reiwa 4th year specific business support project contents [PDF: 400KB]


Strategy and Finance Division town development policy engagement
TEL: 0268-75-2042

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