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About the outbreak of new coronavirus infectious disease positive person of Nagawa-cho staff (April XNUMX, Reiwa XNUMX)

Published 2022 years 04 month 08 Date

Last updated 2022 years 04 month 08 Date

 On Thursday, April XNUMX, XNUMXth year of Reiwa, one person was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus infection by a staff member of Nagawa Town.

 The employee has not been to work since April XNUMXst (Friday) and has no contact with unspecified residents.

 In addition, the workplace where the staff is working and the common areas have been disinfected.

 We will continue to implement necessary measures to prevent the spread of infection.

 In addition, please do not discriminate or prejudice against infected staff, their families, medical staff, etc.

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