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About the use of Nagano pediatric emergency telephone consultation (# 8000)

Published 2022 years 03 month 10 Date

Last updated 2022 years 03 month 10 Date

 Currently at night (20:23 to XNUMX:XNUMX), when your child suddenly feels sick, severe vomiting and diarrhea that you cannot wait until tomorrow, sudden fever, sudden abdominal pain, unstoppable cough, etc. If you have symptoms, you can use the Early Pediatric Emergency Center.

 In the future, if you feel sick and would like to see a doctor after 23:XNUMX, please contact the Nagano Prefectural Children's Emergency Telephone Counseling and consult with us.
 Consultation is possible from 19:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX the next day.


★ If your child feels sick after 23:XNUMX

 ① Call Nagano Prefecture Pediatric Emergency Telephone Counseling (Telephone: # 8000 (no area code)) to discuss the situation of your child.
   If you can't call # 8000, please call us at 0263-34-8000.
 (XNUMX) If it is determined that a medical examination is necessary as a result of the consultation, we will inform you about the medical examination.


<What to bring at the time of consultation>

 Maternal and child health insurance card, health insurance card, welfare medical expenses beneficiary card, medicine notebook (for those who have internal medicine)


Ueda City Pediatrics Initial Emergency Center(Ueda City Homepage)
  1-27-21 Midorigaoka, Ueda City Shinshu Ueda Medical Center site

Nagano Children's Emergency Telephone Consultation (# 8000)(Nagano Prefecture Home Page)