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About measures after cancellation of "priority measures such as spread prevention" from Nagato Onsen Yasuragi no Yu and Wadajuku Onsen Fureai no Yu

Published 2022 years 03 month 05 Date

Last updated 2022 years 03 month 05 Date

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in measures against the new coronavirus infection.

Following the cancellation of the application of "Priority Measures for Prevention of Spread" on Sunday, March XNUMX, the business of each cafeteria of the hot spring facility will be resumed as follows.

However, the Yasuragi-no-Yu sauna will continue to be suspended for the time being.

■ Reopening date of each facility

 ○ Yasuragi no Yu Shokudo ・ ・ ・ From Monday, March XNUMXth

 ○ Fureai no Yu Shokudo ・ ・ ・ From March XNUMXth (Tuesday)


Please be sure to wear a mask, measure the temperature, and disinfect your hands when you enter the museum so that all users can be careful to prevent continued infection.

For more information, please contact Nagato Onsen Yasuragi no Yu (telephone 0268-68-2601) or Wadajuku Onsen Fureai no Yu (telephone 0268-88-0001).

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