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Image character "Nacchan"

Published 2022 years 02 month 10 Date

Last updated 2022 years 02 month 14 Date

□ About Natchan!

A beautiful tower on the head, a scarf on the neck, and a hot spring mark on the chest shining brightly ☆ The blue overalls "Natsuokun" and the pink overalls "Natsuko-chan" together " Nacchan "!It's a twin fairy.

Natsuokun loves going out and often acts alone ...Natsuko-chan is watching over such Natsuko-chan warmly.

They have different personalities, but that's why it's fun to be together (^ ▽ ^) Both of us love the warm smiles of everyone from babies to grandpas and grandmas.Also, I'm not really good at talking ...

I'd be happy if you kindly talk to me when you find it.Delivering happiness to everyone from Nagawa Town.   


                                                                                 Natsoo / Natsuko (walking ver)

                          Nagawa-cho image character "Nacchan"


□ Character profile

 Birthday: August 2005, 10

 Height: 2,034m in total (same as the altitude of Utsukushigahara!) (When I meet everyone, it's magically smaller.)

 Weight: secret

 Personality: Natsuokun ... Obedient and active

    Natsuko-chan ... Loose and relaxed

 Strong points: Paper making, buckwheat noodle making

 Things I'm not good at: Talking (I'm nervous ...)

 Favorite things: Smiles of everyone living in Nagawa, buckwheat noodles, hot springs

 Hobbies: Trekking, obsidian excavation  


□ About design and use of costume

Nacchan's designs and costumes can be used free of charge if used according to the guidelines.

Before using it, it is necessary to submit an application form and obtain approval in advance.

Regarding the design, it is not necessary to submit an application in the following cases.

 ・ When used by related organizations in the town.
 ・ When used by schools for educational purposes.
 ・ When a resident organization such as a neighborhood association uses it in local activities.
 -When used by the news media for the purpose of news and public relations.
 -When using within a limited range equivalent to this, such as in an individual or at home.
 ・ When the mayor deems it appropriate for use.

However, even if you do not submit the application form, you must comply with the requirements described in the outline.

Please be sure to read it and use it according to it.

Nacchan Design Usage Guidelines [DOCX: 86KB]

Guidelines for using Nacchan costumes, etc. [DOCX: 41KB]

Please check the application form and application flow from the URL below.

〇 Use design


〇 Use costumes, etc.


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