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Free inspection for new coronavirus infection (a project in Nagano prefecture)

Published 2022 years 01 month 14 Date

Last updated 2022 years 07 month 26 Date

In Nagano prefecture, we carry out free inspections at medical institutions and pharmacies.
The free inspections currently underway are as follows.


(1) Vaccine test package system ・ Free tests related to retention promotion projects such as tests for all target persons
(2) Free inspection related to general inspection business such as when infection is spreading


XNUMX. Target person

Since each target person is different, please check the prefecture's homepage or the inspection site.

In addition, those who have symptoms such as fever or those who have close contact with either test cannot take this free test.
→ If you have symptoms such as fever, first call your doctor or other medical institution close to you.

muryokensa-taishosya4 [PDF: 301KB]


XNUMX. Inspection implementation company (neighborhood)

Osawa Pharmacy 2844-2 Furumachi, Nagawa-cho 0268-41-2700
Kobayashi Pharmacy (Drive-Through) 1596-3 Kamimaruko, Ueda 0268-42-6767
Welcia Pharmacy Ueda Shiodano Store 500 Kabatake, Ueda 0268-29-6628
Kusuri no Aoki Tokida Pharmacy 10-6-0268 Tokida, Ueda 28-7166-XNUMX


Click here for a list of businesses.

ichiran20220725 [PDF: 910KB]


* Depending on the business hours of each office and the stock status of inspection kits, you may not be able to take the inspection, so it is recommended that you contact the office in advance by phone.

〇Please fill out the application form at the business office of the inspection company, confirm your identity with an ID card, etc., and then take the inspection.

〇 If the test result is positive, you need to agree to see a medical institution.


For other details, please see the prefecture homepage.



◇ Nagano Prefecture Homepage
[Comprehensive site for measures against new coronavirus infections]

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TEL: 0268-75-2040

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