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About the floats of the Otaya Festival in the XNUMXth year of Reiwa

Published 2022 years 01 month 12 Date

Last updated 2022 years 01 month 15 Date

The annual Otaya Festival will be held in the Furumachi district for two days, January XNUMXth (Friday) and XNUMXth (Saturday).

In addition, when holding the Otaya Festival, we will carry out while taking basic infection control measures, so we ask all of you who come to the Otaya Festival to cooperate with the following infection control measures.

[About measures against infectious diseases at the XNUMXth year of Reiwa Otaya Festival]

・ Please cooperate in wearing a mask and cough etiquette.
・ Please refrain from entering the festival venue if you are feeling unwell due to fever or cold symptoms.
・ Keep social distance and avoid denseness as much as possible.
・ In principle, eating and drinking inside the Otaya Festival venue is prohibited.For items purchased at stores, please do not eat on the spot and take the form of takeout.
・ Please refrain from talking loudly.

Origin of Otaya Festival and floats

Otaya Festival The annual festival of Furumachi Toyokei Daijingu, located in Furumachi (formerly Nagakubofuru Town) in Nagawa Town, is known as the Otaya Festival.
 The origin of this document is the document of Bunsei 11 (1828) in the late Edo period, which is the oldest record at present, but it is thought that the festival has been held for a long time.
 At Furumachi Toyokei Daijingu, a relocation festival is held every 20 years, following Ise Jingu, and the annual festival is held from the evening of January 1th to around noon on the 14th.It is customary for families with customers to start this day at the beginning of the year and start at that age.In addition, worshipers also visit from the Ueda and Saku areas, and are crowded with many people.
 At the Otaya Festival, when the lives of the common people became stable and there was room to spare, floats were dedicated to make the festival a success.
 The sentence "Mita (Travel) shop bustling, several places of Mijiya" in the diary of the old family's Tenpo 6 (1835) is the record of the oldest mountain car currently known.
 Matsuri Float was designated as an intangible folk cultural property selection in Nagano Prefecture in 38 as a valuable traditional culture that inherits simple peasant art, and is currently produced by a preservation society at five locations in each ward.



Matsuri Float of Reiwa XNUMX years

* Photos of the floats are currently being prepared.We will post them as soon as they are ready.

* Introductory texts for Matsuri Float respect the manuscripts created by each district and are proofread to the minimum.

[Kamijuku, XNUMXst place] Hanasaki?(Old man)A place to make dead trees bloom

 [Kamijuku, XNUMXst place] Hanasaka or old man A place to make dead trees bloomOnce upon a time, there was an old man and an old woman in one place.One day, the old man found a white puppy in the mountains and took him home and loved them very much. 

 One day, the dog teaches the treasure by saying, "Here, doggie."The greedy grandfather next door who was watching it borrowed a dog.However, all the things that came out are useless.The greedy grandfather gets angry and kills the dog.

 The old man who heard it planted a pine tree in the dog's grave.The pine became a big tree, and the old man made it thin.If you make rice thinly, treasure will come out.Mr. Fukaji, who was watching it, borrowed a thin one.However, all the things that came out were dirty.The greedy grandfather gets angry and burns the thin. 

 When the grandfather heard that, he said, "Let's get the ashes that were burned at least, the thin dog's ashes." When he got the ashes and went home, a miracle happened.The grandfather grabbed the ashes and said, "Let's make the dead tree bloom."The lord who passed there happily said, "Hanasaki Kajiyo, it's wonderful," and gave the grandfather a lot of money.

 The unrelenting greedy grandfather failed by imitating Hanasaka Jiisan.He said that he was beaten up by his servants and went home.


[Uenakacho, XNUMXnd place] Ikkyu-san A place to get the general in


[Uenakacho, XNUMXnd place] Ikkyu-san A place to get the general in Ikkyu is a monk from the Muromachi period (1394-1481, died 88 years old).My fatherLater(Your)(I.e.((I.e.)Emperor, motherIyo Bureau(Iyo no Tsubo)(Teruko Fujiwara) My childhood name isthousand((I.e.)chrysanthemum(listen)Circle(Completely)So, for some reason, I was entrusted to Ankokuji Temple in Kyoto at the age of six.week(Zhou)Ken(Ken)I get the name of and join the kid group and work hard at training.

 It's been hard since I was little(Smart)There are manyAnecdote(When)had.These things have become picture books and picture-story show animations. "Don't cross this", "Don't enter anything with skin", or this "folding screen(Byoubu)The scene of "Exterminating the Tiger" is also famous.

 Tonchi Kobo Shuken has a reputation all over the city, and eventually the shogunAshikaga(Ashikaga)Righteousness(Yoshi)Mitsuru(Three)It also fits in your ears.The shogun wants to meet such a wise little boy, Shuken, and sends a messenger to Ankokuji Temple and orders him to come to Kinkakuji Temple.I was brought to OshoSatoshi(Somei)With eight-year-old Zhou JianTentative(Shibara)I decided to give it a try after talking a lot.The generalscreen(Tsuitate)Pointing to the picture of the tiger written in, "Because this tiger is in trouble every night, don't go wild.(Shiba)All the housekeepers lined up with such unreasonable words surprised me, but Zhou Jian, who was calm and calm, said, "I understand.Squirrel(Tasuki)Please lend me a sword, "he said, holding the prepared sash and holding a rope and standing in front of the tsuitate.See(Look)The general was completely impressed with the "tonchi" and gave a compliment.

Ikyu Legend Collection "Ikyu"(Banashi)Was issued in the early Edo period, XNUMX years after Ikkyu's death.At the age of seventeenZong(so)Net(Jun)The issue of "Ikkyu", which was renamed to "Ikkyu" and is familiar to Mr. Ikkyu, was published by his teacher when he was XNUMX years old.Huawei(Kaso)Zong(so)(Don)からGrant(Suzu)It was kicked.



Nakamachi XNUMXrd floorKobo(Kobo)Master(Daishi) Disease(Ekibyo)Repel(I want to)Place -Original drawing Katsushika(Katsushika)Hokusai(Hokusai)Picture "Kobo DaishiRehearsal chart(Shuhozu)-

[Nakamachi, XNUMXrd place] Kobo Daishi A place to fight off the plague

 Although there were relatively few battles during the Heian period, plagues andfamine(Famine)It was also a world with many people.(I.e.(Or)Kobo Daishi Kukai is insomniac to save the people suffering from the plague by the announcement of Eleven-faced Kannon.Great prayer(Daikito)We will do (rehearsal). 

 Later, Katsushika Hokusai was in charge of Kukai and the plague.Confrontation(Taiji)Is drawn as a hand-drawn drawing called "Kobo Daishi Shuhozu", and it was also in the Edo period that suffered from plague and famine.Salvation(Kuse)I prayed and dedicated it.

 The world of peace(Mushiba)The plague is described as a terrifying demon and is huge.disaster(Easy)With the faith of the monk Kukai, who is forced to struggle in front ofperseverance(Kennin)The will of is beautifully depicted.

 Of the plagueAspiration(Shoki)Sneaked up to Kukai to pray, but the spring that springs from his feet continues to protect him, and finally on the XNUMXst day, the plague is splendid.Ambush(Chobuku)It was (defeated).

 Today's corona disaster is truly a catastrophe that erodes the world.In Hokusai, hoping for the earliest possible rehabilitation of the new Corona so that healthy daily life can be restored to the rest of the world.(If)I dedicate this subject.


Fourth parking downtown, Fujimi-cho] Kiyomasa Kato A place to exterminate tigers

[Shitamachi / Fujimicho XNUMXth place] Kiyomasa Kato A place to exterminate tigers  Kiyomasa Kato is a military commander who was active from the Azuchi-Momoyama period to the early Edo period.Torayuki(Torano)Assistant(Yosuke)As a loyal retainer of Toyotomi Hideyoshi辣 arm(Ratsuwan)He became the first Kumamoto feudal lord and built Kumamoto Castle.

 Hideyoshi succeeded Nobunaga Oda's wishes and conquered Korea and Ming, eventually giving his name to European countries.Roar(Roar)With ambitions to make him go, he sent troops to Korea, and Kiyomasa Kato also went out accordingly.

 At that time, it was said that eating tiger meat would be a good medicine for longevity, and many warlords, including Kiyomasa, who learned that cannibal tigers were infested, hunted this tiger and became the Lord Hideyoshi.Tribute(Kenjo)I thought about it.At one point Kiyomasa's army was on a large mountainAt the foot(Bottom)I had a camp in.Eventually, at night, a big tiger living in the mountain came, and when he attacked the war horse, he jumped in the air with it in his mouth and escaped from the camp.Kiyomasa, who heard this report, was very angry, saying, "What a pity!"The tiger seems to have completely tasted, and the next day, Kiyomasa's koshoFirst month(Kozuki)left()meal(All)I also bite and killed.

 Kiyomasa was furious at the repeated attacks and ordered his vassals to surround the mountain, saying, "Please get rid of the tiger when it gets hard."Eventually, when a tiger squeezed through Kayahara and jumped out of the bush, he sprinted toward Kiyomasa.Kiyomasa climbed on a large rock and gave instructions to his vassals, but he never panicked at the tiger's rush.

 Revealing the burning emotions of his vassals, he confronted the tiger who had stopped trying to stop the help of other vassals and get rid of the tiger on his own.When the determined tiger took a moment when he tried to peel off his fangs and pierced his throat deeply with Kiyomasa's proud spear, the great tiger died.

 He was able to successfully avenge his vassals and present Hideyoshi with a long-lived tiger meat.


Sakuracho XNUMXth floor] XNUMX people from Kamakura  Yoichi Nasu(Eggplant good luck)A place to "shoot the fan of the Heike"

[Sakuracho, XNUMXth place] XNUMX people from Kamakura, Yoichi Nasu "Shooting the fan of the Heike" Lunar calendar(Genryaku)On February 2, 1185, Genji and TairaYajima(Yamashima)The battle was fought in (Takamatsu City, Shikoku).At dusk, one(so)A small boat of the Heike is approaching.A beautiful woman beckoned to the land with a fan depicting the Hinomaru attached to the tip of the rod. 

Yoshitsune Minamoto(Yoshitsune Minamoto)Called Nasu no Yoichi, a master of bows, and ordered "shoot that fan."If the fan cannot be shot through here, the failure of the Genji army will be handed down until the last generation.Yoichi put his horse into the sea with the intention of committing suicide.The boat is swayed by the sea breeze and rises and falls to the right and left, and the fan does not stand still at all.Taira clan offshore and Genji soldiers on landSpit(Katazu)The( Of)While watching over, Yoichi closed his eyes and said, "amen(Namu)Hachiman(Hachiman)Oiso(Warts)Hopefully let me shoot in the middle of that fangive(Tama)Eh. "When I open my eyes, the wind is slightly weakening.Now is the time(Turnip)arrow(,)When you squeeze it sharply and shoot it, the arrow shoots the fan accurately while making a long beat that echoes in the ura.The fan soars high in the sky, inspires crimson and falls into the sea, shining like the setting sun and floating up and down on the white waves.He cheered and praised Yoichi for the beauty of the momentary scene, regardless of whether he was an enemy or an ally.Kill each otherNemesis(The Honorable One)Only at this time, they shared the same feelings.

 Because it is in the midst of the corona, it has few human relationships and connections with society, and it is easy to surface it.dignity(Sogen)Many people are fascinated by the spirit of the samurai who cherishes.



About traffic regulation during the Otaya Festival


Please see this page.








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