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Information on the final tax return venue for XNUMX years of Reiwa

Published 2022 years 01 month 06 Date

Last updated 2022 years 01 month 06 Date

Town prefectural tax / income tax filing venue and schedule

  • Declaration venue: Nagawa Town Hall 4247st floor 1st meeting room (XNUMX-XNUMX Furumachi, Nagawa Town)

  • Reception / Waiting Room: Nagawa Town Hall Townsman Hall

  • Please note that tax returns will not be consulted at each branch or public hall.

  • Please be sure to wear a mask to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.
    Please cooperate in keeping a distance from the people around you and preventing crowding and close contact.

  • It is expected to be very crowded, so please leave plenty of time.
    Especially the first morning and the first afternoon are very crowded.


time Day of the week Reception time Morning session 8: 30-11: 30
Afternoon 1:30 to XNUMX:XNUMX
2 16 days Wed a.m. Nagakubo District 3      
afternoon Nagakubo XNUMX Ward Nagakubo Scholar Village    
17 days Thu a.m. XNUMXth arrondissement of Nagakubo Nagakubo XNUMXth arrondissement XNUMXth arrondissement of Nagakubo  
afternoon Nagakubo XNUMX wards Nagakubo XNUMX wards Nagakubo XNUMX wards  
18 days Fri a.m. Nagakubo XNUMX wards Nagakubo XNUMX wards    
afternoon Nagakubo XNUMX wards Nagakubo XNUMX Ward Nagakubo XNUMXth arrondissement  
21 days Month a.m. Nagakubo XNUMX Ward Nagakubo XNUMX Ward    
afternoon Nagakubo XNUMX Ward Nagakubo XNUMX Ward    
22 days Tue a.m. Four nights Ochiai New house Four nights municipal housing
afternoon Komogaya Takayama Daiichi Takayama second Beautiful pine
24 days Thu a.m. Iwai Kuboichi Kuboji Gentiana Township
afternoon Miyanoichi Miyanoji Miyanozo  
25 days Fri a.m. Uenoichi Uenoji Uenosan ON Daimon public housing
afternoon Ueno XNUMX Uenogo Uenoroku Ueno Shichi
28 days Month a.m. Himeki Daiichi Himeki Daini Shirakaba Highland Fureai no Sato
afternoon Oide Asahigaoka    
3 1 days Tue a.m. Kariyado      
afternoon original Omegura    
2 days Wed a.m. Hashiba      
afternoon Kamigumi      
3 days Thu a.m. Downtown Kamimachi    
afternoon Nakagumi Hosoo Kyozuka  
4 days Fri a.m. Aohara Nonoiri    
afternoon Kubo Karasawa    
7 days Month a.m. Nitta Nakamachi    
afternoon Blacksmith foot      
8 days Tue a.m. Kamiochiai Shimochiai Offshore  
afternoon Arisaka      
9 days Wed a.m. Dozen Yamane Tanaka
afternoon Neutral rock Kami Tateiwa On the road  
10 days Thu a.m. Fujimicho Gotanda Nagato ranch  
afternoon Kitafuruya Takinozawa    
11 days Fri a.m. Sakuramachi      
afternoon Kaminaka Town Nakamachi Daiichi Nakamachi Daini  
14 days Month a.m. Furumachi Scholar Village      
afternoon Shitamachi Daiichi Downtown second Furumachi Public Housing  
15 days Tue a.m. One tree municipal housing Above Tateiwa municipal housing    
afternoon Uemachi Daiichi Uemachi Daini Upper inn  

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