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Information on application for distribution of simple antigen kit

Published 2021 years 10 month 04 Date

Last updated 2021 years 10 month 04 Date

Antigen test kits will be distributed as follows for early detection of new coronavirus infections.

This time, you will be asked to report the results after the inspection.


1 Target person

Those who are worried about the new coronavirus infection and wish to distribute it
Those without cold symptoms or fever

* If you have symptoms, please consult a medical institution.

2 Distribution limit

1 per person (If you apply for a family member living together, the number of household members living together x XNUMX)


3 Distribution location

General Affairs Division, XNUMXnd floor, Nagawa Town Hall Main Government Building


4 Distribution date

September 10-4 (excluding weekends and holidays)
* Since the number is limited, if the limit is reached, it will end before the deadline.


5 Distribution time

8:30 am to 17:XNUMX


6 What to bring

Those that can prove your identity such as licenses and insurance cards
If you are in a hurry, please print out the "Antigen Simple Kit Application Form" on the Nagawa Town website and bring it with you.


7 matters needing attention

(XNUMX) The simple antigen kit distributed this time has been approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as an "in vitro diagnostic drug (test kit) for new coronavirus infections" and is considered to be useful from the onset to the XNUMXth day. Please use it when you are at a loss to see a medical institution, such as when you have a slight symptom such as a feeling of discomfort in your throat.

(XNUMX) Asymptomatic people cannot use it (because there is a high possibility that the result will be negative even if infected).

③ If you have a cold or fever, please consult a medical institution immediately without relying on the simple antigen kit.

④ If the amount of virus is small, the viscosity of the sample collected from the nasal cavity is high, or if the test procedure or procedure is incorrect, false positives (actually not infected but positive) or false positives Negatives (actually infected but negative) may occur, so it is not possible to determine the presence or absence of infection based solely on the results of the simple antigen kit.

⑤ If the result is positive, please consult with your doctor or other local medical institution by phone before consulting.If you do not know the medical institution to visit, please consult the consultation / consultation center (health center).

⑥ Even if it is negative, please refrain from commuting to work or school on the day of the examination and wait at home in consideration of the possibility of false negatives.If your symptoms persist or become stronger, seek medical attention immediately.If you have another simple antigen kit, check the test procedure again the next day and perform the test.

⑦ If you do not get the test result (undecidable, etc.), or if you have another simple antigen kit, please test again.If you cannot make a judgment after another test, please see a medical institution immediately.

⑧ Use of the simple inspection kit is a voluntary decision, and you are responsible for any damage caused by the inspection or results.

⑨ Do not hand over or use the simple antigen kit to anyone other than the applicant (including free of charge) as it may violate the law.

 8 Usage record report

If you carry out the inspection, please call the General Affairs Division by the next day (or the next opening day in the case of weekends and holidays).

(Report content: Number of uses, result, if positive, name and date of birth of positive person)


Please download the detailed information and application form from here.

Antigen test kit information [DOCX: 23KB]

Antigen simple kit distribution application [XLSX: 16KB]



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