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Cancel the "Medical Emergency Declaration" and issue a "Medical Warning" and issue an infection alert level XNUMX "New Coronavirus Special Warning I" to all prefectures.

Published 2021 years 09 month 13 Date

Last updated 2021 years 09 month 13 Date


 Due to the rapid expansion of Delta strains and the movement of people nationwide during the summer vacation, the number of new coronavirus positives has increased explosively, putting a heavy burden on the medical care provision system. Has issued a "Medical Emergency Declaration" and issued an infection alert level 20 "New Coronavirus Special Warning II" to all prefectures to strengthen countermeasures.

 In addition, from the perspective of gathering the power of the citizens of the prefecture and thoroughly stopping the spread of infection, the 12 days from September 10 to XNUMX will be designated as the "concentrated measures period to save lives and livelihoods" and public facilities will be suspended. We are working on further strengthening of measures such as.

  Looking at the current infection status in the prefecture, the number of new positives in the last week (September 247-10) was 12.05, and the number of new positives per 17 population was 23, which was the peak (August 888-10). ), Which is 43.32, which is a significant decrease from 10 per XNUMX population, and all XNUMX areas are below level XNUMX.

 In addition, the secured bed usage rate is 22.1% (as of R3.9.9), which is 40% or less, which was the target when the "Medical Emergency Declaration" was issued.

 Therefore, from Monday, September 13th,


  • Cancel the "medical emergency declaration" and issue a "medical warning".
  • Infection alert level XNUMX "New Coronavirus Special Warning I" will be issued to all prefectures.

  We would like to thank all the medical professionals who are fighting at the forefront of the XNUMXth wave.

 In addition, for living and business activities, such as citizens of the prefecture who cooperated in reducing opportunities to meet people, restaurants who accepted the shortening of business hours, etc., and who are still accepting it. We would like to thank all of you who have been greatly affected but have cooperated in the prevention of infection.




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