A new person positive for coronavirus infection has been confirmed in Nagawa Town. [Prefecture 7553 case (19th case in town)]

Published 2021 years 08 month 27 Date

Last updated 2021 years 08 month 27 Date

On May 3, 8rd year of Reiwa (Friday), three cases of new coronavirus infection-positive persons were confirmed in Nagawa Town.

For the latest information such as an overview, please see the Nagano Prefecture website.
The infection information released by Nagano Prefecture is as follows.

[7553 cases in the prefecture]
● Patient Female in her 40s
● Place of residence: Nagawa Town
● Occupation: Office worker
● Progress:
Turned positive


Currently, "Infection Warning Level XNUMX" has been issued in the Ueda area.We ask the townspeople to thoroughly implement basic infection control measures to prevent the spread of infection.

Anyone can be infected with the new coronavirus.
Please take calm judgments and actions based on the correct information released by Nagano Prefecture.
Please be careful not to be confused by rumors or hoaxes, and do not discriminate against, prejudice, or slander the infected person, those around you, or medical professionals, and ask for your warm consideration. I will.

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