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[August XNUMX, XNUMXrd year of Reiwa] Message from the mayor of Nagawa

Published 2021 years 08 month 27 Date

Last updated 2021 years 08 month 27 Date

We would like to ask the townspeople to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

As reported daily and by the government, the increase in the number of new positives has not stopped, and the state of emergency is declared to 1 prefectures, and the prefectures where priority measures such as prevention of spread have been issued. Is XNUMX prefectures and

About XNUMX% of all prefectures are in Japan, and most of the other prefectures are getting worse.

Even in Nagano Prefecture, the situation is barely covered by priority measures, and the rapid spread of infection has made it an unprecedentedly serious situation.

Confirmation of positive persons has been reported in the town, and it is fully possible that the number will increase in the future.We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the infected and pray for the earliest possible recovery.

Anyone can be infected with the new coronavirus.
We ask all of you to lead a calm life, and as before, we will thoroughly implement basic infection control measures such as wearing masks, washing hands, gargling, and disinfecting hands, and have opportunities to contact people as much as possible. Please take measures to reduce it.
In addition, do not be fooled by rumors or hoaxes, and try to make calm judgments and actions based on correct information. Discrimination, prejudice, and slander against infected people, those around them, and medical professionals Please give first consideration to human rights so that you will never do it.

Let's take actions to reduce the risk of infection, and let's all the townspeople work together to protect their precious lives and livelihoods.

August XNUMX, XNUMXrd year of Reiwa
Mayor Nagawa Kenichiro Haneda


Administration Division
TEL : 0268-75-2040
FAX : 0268-68-4139