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About inoculation certificate for overseas travel

Published 2021 years 07 month 27 Date

Last updated 2021 years 07 month 27 Date

About new corona vaccination certificate for overseas travel


When entering an overseas destination, an inoculation certificate will be issued to publicly prove the fact of vaccination against the new coronavirus infection so that the partner country can use it to determine the relaxation of epidemic prevention measures. increase.

Applications will be accepted from Monday, July 26th.

* This inoculation certificate is issued to those who need it when traveling abroad.If other people need a record of inoculation, please use the "certificate of inoculation" or "inoculation record" issued at the time of inoculation.



For the time being, the vaccination certificate will be issued to those who meet all of the following conditions.

(XNUMX) Inoculation of new coronavirus infection based on the Immunization Law (preceding / priority inoculation of medical staff, occupational inoculation, normal inoculation (inoculation using vaccination ticket issued by municipality), etc.) What I received.

(XNUMX) When traveling from Japan to overseas, this certificate is required because the possession of the inoculation certificate allows the partner country to relax the epidemic prevention measures.

(XNUMX) Those who have a resident card in Nagawa Town at the time of inoculation


What you need to apply for

(XNUMX) New coronavirus infection vaccination certificate issuance application

(XNUMX) "Certificate of inoculation" or "Inoculation record"

(XNUMX) Passport within the expiration date

(XNUMX) Identity verification documents (driver's license, health insurance card, Individual Number Card, etc.)

Please download the application form from here



Nagawa Town Children and Health Promotion Division Health Promotion Section (Nagawa Town Health and Welfare Center)

 TEL: 0268-68-3494

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