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Furusato CM Grand Prize NAGANO work recruitment

Published 2021 years 07 month 06 Date

Last updated 2021 years 07 month 06 Date

 We are looking for works of "21st Furusato CM Grand Prize NAGANO" sponsored by Asahi Broadcasting Nagano as follows.
 In the town, many people apply for works that introduce the attractions of Nagawa Town, such as the "highlights" and "activities that are being worked on in town development," inside and outside the prefecture. I will pay the reward.
 We look forward to receiving your application.

Application guidelines

・ Contents of the work
 A 30-second unreleased commercial that expresses the characteristics of Nagawa Town

·Qualification requirements
 Individuals or groups living, working, or attending school in the town block

・ Number of entries
 One point for the same individual or group

・ About entry of work

 Works will be accepted on the Web from this year.
 Please fill in the required items from the "Furusato CM Award Entry Page" (scheduled to open in early September) on the abn homepage and upload the video file.

・ Deadline for work entry
 Thursday, September 30

● For details, please see the homepage of the Furusato CM Award NAGANO.

 ▼ Furusato CM Grand Prize NAGANO homepage

● 20th Furusato CM Grand Prize NAGANO Fighting Award Winning Work
 ▼ Yamanoko Gakuen "Nagawa Town with various rivers"


Contact Us

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FAX: 0268-68-4139