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Execution on April 3, 4rd year of Reiwa Results of by-elections for members elected by the House of Councilors Nagano

Published 2021 years 04 month 25 Date

Last updated 2021 years 04 month 26 Date

The Nagawa Election Administration Committee will inform you of the results of the election of members of the House of Councilors election (by-election of members elected by Nagano Prefecture) on April 3, 4rd year of the Ordinance.


Total number of votes cast 3,057 vote

Invalid votes

40 vote
Effective votes 3,017 vote




Number of votes obtained

Notification number Candidate name Name of the party Number of votes obtained
1 Yutaka Komatsu LDP 806 vote
2 Jiro Hata Constitutional Democratic Party 2,150 vote
3 Kotaro Kamiya Party that teaches how to not pay the NHK reception fee 61 vote
Total 3,017 vote


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