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About my number card

Published 2021 years 04 month 26 Date

Last updated 2021 years 05 month 21 Date



XNUMX. XNUMX.What is My Number Card? 

It is a card with a face photo with my number (individual number) written on it.

My number card is a card with a plastic IC chip, and the name, address, date of birth, gender, my number (individual number) and the person's face photo are displayed on the face of the card.

 In addition to being used as an identification card for identity verification, it can also be used for various services such as local government services and electronic applications using electronic certificates such as e-Tax.


XNUMX. XNUMX.How to apply

There are the following methods to apply.


・ Application by smartphone

Take a photo of your face with your smartphone and apply online using the prescribed form


・ Application by PC

Take a photo of your face with a digital camera and apply online using the prescribed form

* An IC card reader / writer is required when using from a home computer.


・ Application from ID photo machine in Machinaka

Bring the application form and take a photo of your face with an ID photo that you can apply for.

* Some ID photo machines in Machinaka can be applied for and some cannot.


ID photo machine in the corresponding town

[External link(DNP Co., Ltd.Photo Imaging Japan)] (Ario Ueda store, Beisia Tomi, etc.)

[External link(Nippon Auto-Fort Co., Ltd.)] (Matsumotokiyoshi Maruko Bell Plaza store, Frespo Maruko DXNUMX side, etc.)

[External link(FUJIFILM Corporation)] (Super Delicia Tobu store, etc.)


・ Put a photo of the person's face on the application form for the issuance of the Individual Number Card, put it in the sending envelope, and go to the mailbox

For further information, please read Here (external link)


XNUMX. XNUMX.About receiving the card

Information will be provided, so please make a reservation for the date and time and go to the No. 1 window of the government office.

* Office counter XNUMX-XNUMX

* Please see the guide for details.


XNUMX. About the digital certificate mounted on the IC chip

For details, see the attached PDF document "Digital certificate for signature mounted on the IC chip."

Digital certificate for signature mounted on IC chip [PDF: 286KB]


* Nagawa Town does not provide convenience store issuance services for official certificates such as resident's card and seal registration certificate.

Click here to use Mina Portal AP(External link)


* Apply for health insurance card, create employment certificate, etc.

Click here to apply for Mina Points(External link)




XNUMX.In such a case

Please see the attached PDF document "In this case".

In such a case [PDF: 248KB]




XNUMX.If you get stuck

Please see the attached PDF document "Komatara".

If you get stuck [PDF: 266KB]





For more information about other My Number CardsHere (external link)


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