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April 25 (Sun) is the election day for the by-elections of members of the House of Councilors Nagano Prefecture.

Published 2021 years 04 month 25 Date

Last updated 2021 years 04 month 25 Date

Horari-chanVoting time isXNUMX:XNUMX am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm.

(Daimon Komogaya, Takayama, Himeki, Wada Karasawa, Omegura Voting District until XNUMX pm)

Please check your admission ticket for the location of the polling place.


If you are not comfortable with the election day, please vote before the deadline.

Hours 30:XNUMX am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm


・ Nagawa Town Hall 24nd Meeting Room 16 days from April XNUMXth ​​(Friday) to April XNUMXth (Saturday)

・ Wada Branch 21nd Floor 24rd Meeting Room XNUMX days from April XNUMXst (Wednesday) to April XNUMXth (Saturday)

Belongings Admission ticket

    Early voting has ended.


About election bulletin

The election bulletin will be distributed in the morning edition (date undecided).

For homes that have not purchased the morning edition, we plan to distribute it by posting by the vendor.

Please use the election bulletin at the main government office building, Nagakubo branch office, Daimon branch office, Wada branch office, directly managed villa land management center, and Himegi no Mori Co., Ltd.

About support for moving to polling stations

If you use the tour bus as a means of transportation for voting, we will issue a bus ticket, so please ask at the polling place.

About measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases at polling stations

 We will implement the following measures to prevent the transmission of the new coronavirus infection at polling stations so that voters can vote with peace of mind.

  • Rubbing alcohol will be installed at all polling stations (including early polling stations).
  • Temperatures will be measured at all polling stations.
  • Polling place clerks wear masks and gloves to wash their hands and disinfect their fingers.
  • We will install a shatterproof film in front of the list control staff and ballot issuing staff who face the voters directly to reduce the risk of infection between voters and staff.
  • You will be given a disposable pencil when you issue the ballot (you may bring a pencil or mechanical pencil).
  • Thoroughly disinfect the voting table and rental items (reading glasses, etc.).
  • Place the ballots at regular intervals to keep them away from other voters.
  • Ventilation will be provided appropriately in the voting center.
  • For the smooth reception of the early voting office, the voting admission ticket has been changed to one with an "early voting affidavit".

As an infection prevention measure, we would like to ask the voters who come to the event for the following cooperation.

  • It may take some time to vote for the new coronavirus infection, so please come to vote with plenty of time.
  • Please wear a mask as much as possible when you come to the venue.
  • Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection of fingers and cough etiquette in the voting center when you come to the venue.
    (If you have difficulty disinfecting alcohol due to allergies, etc., please contact the staff.
  • When you come to the venue, please check the temperature and check your physical condition in advance.
  • You may bring your own pencil, mechanical pencil, etc.
  • When lining up, please leave a certain interval.
  • Please make good use of early voting.When you come to the early voting, please fill out the "early voting affidavit" on the voting admission ticket and come to the venue.

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