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Nagano Prefecture's "Medical Emergency Declaration" has been lifted

Published 2021 years 02 month 05 Date

Last updated 2021 years 02 month 05 Date

 The "Medical Emergency Declaration" issued on January 14th for the entire prefecture was lifted on February XNUMXrd.
 We would like to thank all the medical professionals who are fighting on the front lines.In addition, all the townspeople who cooperated in refraining from going out, the restaurants who accepted the shortening of business hours, etc., and the restaurants who are still accepting it, all who cooperated in infection prevention. Thank you again to everyone.

 In addition, the townspeople and business operators are requested to continue to thoroughly implement infection prevention measures, paying particular attention to the following three points, in light of the fact that the state of emergency has been declared by the government at this time.

  • Please refrain from going to and from the area (specific prefecture) where the state of emergency is issued.
  • Please be careful to prevent infection during dinner (including at home and at work).Pay particular attention to dinner with people you don't usually meet.
  • Please take thorough basic measures such as securing a distance from people, wearing a mask, and disinfecting your hands.Pay particular attention to the elderly and those with underlying illnesses.

Nagano Prefecture Homepage "Request to prevent the spread of infection"

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