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Summary of the XNUMXst term "Nagawa Town Town / People / Work Creation Comprehensive Strategy"

Published 2020 years 12 month 01 Date

Last updated 2020 years 12 month 01 Date

 In the town, we will announce the summary of the first term "Nagawa Town Town / People / Work Creation Comprehensive Strategy" that was implemented from 27 to 31 (the first year of Reiwa) as the planning period. ..
 The four basic goals and measures in the Phase 27 Comprehensive Strategy were decided based on the purpose of the content composed of ideas gathered from various fields at the time of formulation and the results of the business evaluation at the time of formulation, and from FYXNUMX. Although the financial resources and personnel were limited for five years, the project was actively implemented while utilizing regional revitalization-related grants (regional revitalization promotion grants, regional revitalization base maintenance grants, etc.). it was done.
 In the numerical targets and key performance indicators, there were some that were achieved, some that were not achieved, and some measures that could not be started in the business itself, but even if the items were not achieved, they approached the target values ​​and so on. There were some items that had achieved some results.
 In terms of overcoming the issues and problems clarified in the population vision, it is considered that there were many items for which countermeasures could be steadily advanced compared to before the formulation of the first comprehensive strategy, considering the efforts undertaken comprehensively. I will.
 The detail is Summary of Phase 3 Comprehensive Strategy (including attached materials) [PDF: XNUMXMB].



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